What you see here is a series of vinyl/turntable-inspired sinks from Olympia Ceramica that is sure to set the hearts of vinyl lovers and DJ fluttering. The collection of bathroom basins, aptly called Vinyl, feature sinks that mimics the look of a turntable setup. The circular basin resembles the turntable platter, albeit a deeply recessed one, and the faucet takes on the likeness of a turntable’s tone arm. However, the “tone arm” appeared to be fixed, unlike actual tone arm which is tilt-able. Maybe it can swivel side to side, but we are not sure because info is really lacking here.

Olympia Ceramica Vinyl Bathroom Sink

Anywho, Vinyl is a complete turntable setup which includes a countertop resembling the turntable itself complete with a couple of knobs. Where on an audio turntable, the knobs are for bass, treble or volume control, these knobs are use to regulate the water pressure and temperature. Clever! The countertop that holds the basin features a drawer that has a Bluetooth music amplifier and speaker tuck inside. Meanwhile, the series of small holes serve as functional outlets for the speaker.

Olympia Ceramica Vinyl Bathroom Sink

Rounding up the setup is a frame/stand that has horizontal supports running on each of the four sides. The lower tier supports has a tempered glass shelf for fresh towels and whatnot, while one of the upper tier support is outfitted with a rigid leather bag of sort to hold whatever you desire (definitely not real vinyl, though) and the rest of the bar can be utilized as towel bars. In the product images, Vinyl appears to come with an equalizer mirror that is in fact LED mirror. Now, that is dope! Though it will be even cooler if that equalizer can move to the beat of the music.

Olympia Ceramica Vinyl Bathroom Sink

I bet this is one bathroom vinyl lovers/DJs won’t want to step out as soon as they are done using it. I mean, just look at it, it is just so freaking cool! Vinyl Bathroom Sink is designed by Gianluca Paludi, the artistic director and designer at Olympia Ceramica. We are not sure if you can buy it right now. However, you can try asking Olympia Ceramica if you are really keen.

Olympia Ceramica Vinyl Bathroom Sink
Olympia Ceramica Vinyl Bathroom Sink

Images: Olympia Ceramica.

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