There is a limit to how long a stretched limousine can go for obvious reasons. But that limit has not bothered car customizer Jay Ohrberg from Burbank, California, who in the 80s, created what was known as the world’s longest car called American Dream. Ohrberg’s creation was a monstrosity. So, how long was this American Dream really? Oh, nothing much. It was just 100 feet long (that’s 30-freaking-meters!). Holy mother of… That’s absolutely insane! And oh, it had 26 wheels to go with that length. Mind. Absolutely. Blown.

Ohrberg’s American Dream was so long that it was hardly road-legal; it had to be transported by flatbed trucks from point-to-point. OK. It is kind of pointless, but Ohrberg proved that it can be done and that was all it matters. While the length was mind-boggling; what was even more mind-numbing was the amenities this monstrosity had onboard. The length that it possessed afforded Ohrberg the liberty to unleash his creativity.

World’s Longest Stretched Limousine

His creativity resulted in a spacious and luxurious lounge – complete with candelabra lighting, a King-size water bed, a Jacuzzi and even a heli pad! Now, that really is a holy shit right there. Though I imagined it will take quite a skill for a pilot to land a small helicopter on that tiny ‘pad’, which way out at the back. Speaking of the heli pad… it can be removed to reveal the aforementioned Jacuzzi. With so many things in it and the impossibly long length, one would question if it is even drivable.

The answer is, it apparently can. Though, seriously, I doubt it can because there aren’t any video prove of it doing so. And if it really could, I wonder what was drivetrain. Surely it can’t be the original motor of the 1970s Cadillac Eldorado it was based on, right? Anywho, after it was completed, Ohrberg’s American Dream rolled away with Guinness World Records for the Longest Car in 1986.

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This crazy car mod clearly wasn’t mean to serve a transportation proper. It was created for use in movie making and as a show car. According to Guinness World Records, it can be driven as a rigid vehicle or it can be changed to bend in the middle. The latter is what boggles my mind. Like, how it bend? Does it mean can be driven as wider 50 feet vehicle? Is that why it has two driver’s cabins as reported? God, I have so many questions!

So, where is this world record holder today? Apparently, was found abandoned in a Jersey warehouse and briefly appeared at a salvage auction in 2012. Whether or not if any acquire the junk state super stretched limo is not known. However, a couple of years later in 2014, New York’s Autoseum Automotive Teaching Museum stepped in and picked it up with the intend of using it to teach the institution’s students about customizing, designing and vehicle repairs. Wait, are you sure, that was the intend? Or was it more like teaching them how not make silly customs? Just saying…

Fun fact: Stretch limousines are not produced by any major automakers; instead, they are made by coach builders who modify standard luxury vehicles.

Images: Guinness World Records.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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