Netflix Warns About Bird Box Challenge

The age of Internet started out rather harmlessly, but few decades on, it has become kind of dangerous and stupid. The former needs no explanation. As for the latter, it is because of challenges. To be fair, challenges did not start with the Internet; it started after the ice bucket challenge (which, though was for a good cause, is still stupid anyways).

Between now and when ice bucket challenge started, there have been some challenges, including the stupidest challenge ever, the Tide pod challenge, and some other harmless challenges like the Aluminum foil ball challenge, Hold A Can of Coke With Your Boobs and Boob ‘Heart Shape’ Challenge. But TBH, those challenges did not gain as much traction as the ice bucket challenge and the champion of stupid challenges, the Tide pod challenge.

Anyways, we hear that there’s a new challenge making its round on social media that is considered dangerous enough to prompt Netflix to issue a warning. The latest (stupid) challenge that’s going viral is ‘Bird Box Challenge’. But what the hell is a ‘Bird Box Challenge’? And why Netflix is concerned? Well, that is Bird Box Challenge is, as the name implies, a challenge based on Netflix’s post-apocalyptic drama thriller Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, hence Netflix’s concern.

For those who are clueless about the hit Netflix flick, it is about a mysterious force that makes people kill themselves if they open their eyes in its presence. So, in order to avoid getting themselves killed, the female protagonist (Bullock) and her children have to blindfold themselves as they embark on a journey to find the one place that may offer sanctuary.

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By now, you should already know what’s the challenge is about. So, yeah. The challenge involves people blindfolding themselves and doing things, like moving around. Naturally, some “brilliant” minds won’t stop at just moving around. Apparently, a person was driving while his vision was obstructed by a beanie and in another clip posted on Facebook, a father and his children blindfold themselves and walked around like in the movie.

Naturally, that did not end up well. One of the children ended running into a wall. Those are just two examples. There are more if you dig further, but we hate to see people tumbling down stairs and tripping over, and hurting themselves when they in fact have perfectly good vision. Anyways, it looks like Netflix shares the same sentiment and posted on its Twitter an advisory of sort, asking people not hurt themselves doing the so-called Bird Box challenge.

Well, I guess that’s how the world is today, folks (and it is kind of sad, really).

In case you are curious, here’s the super ominous trailer:

Image: Netflix.

Source: Channel NewsAsia.