Ready to take your Halloween decoration to the next level of creep? Well then, here’s a DIY project back from 2016 which you can embark on for this Halloween that will completely amp up your Halloween decor’s creepiness. What you see here is a Jack O’ Lantern with Arduino-powered Moving Eyeballs. It was created by YouTuber 68percentwater for last year’s Halloween which bagged him a prize in his workplace (not sure what he had won, though). This is perhaps the most fitting 21st century iteration of the good’ol Jack O’ Lantern because, moving eyeballs.

The thing that really cranked up the creep-o-meter for this ultimate Halloween project is, the eyeballs are moving randomly. The randomness makes it, well, how do you say? More, life-like? I guess? Although I have to admit that the haunting soundtrack used by 68percentwater on his how-to video on YouTube does play a part in turning the Jack O’ Lantern into a Creep O’ Lantern. Obviously, quite a bit of work is required, but the result should be pretty sweet. Who knows? You may be able to scare some kids off your porch, saving yourself some treats. Actually, you didn’t hear that from us. Hit the jump for the very concise instructional video.

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Image: 68percentwater.

via Geekologie.

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