Prop guns are, well, just prop guns, and they are destined for display, but the Overwatch D.Va White Rabbit Prop Gun from Dimension Technology you see here is not just for display. It has two other interesting proposition. It could be an accessory to your D.Va cosplay getup and it is also a power bank that packs 10,000 mAh, so you will never be caught with flat battery when you are out showing off your cosplay on the convention floor. And that’s not it. It also a flashlight too. We are not sure if D.Va need any help in lighting up, but she sure can have some use of the laser pointer, which it is also equipped with. Perhaps, for a game plan presentation? Maybe?

Overwatch D.Va White Rabbit Power Bank Prop Gun

Other highlights include a USB output port, LED status indicator, IC protection to prevent overcharging/short circuit, integrated keychain (for the extra cute factor) and it comes with a 2-in-1 USB cable and an acrylic stand, so you can display it like any good movie/TV show/video game prop. Aesthetically, it is highly detailed, so it’d look convincing enough to complete your D.Va getup. Who knows? It might even help you score the best dress. An award may not be not guaranteed, but one thing for sure is, for the day out roaming the convention, you will never caught with a conk out battery.

This means, you don’t even need to carry a separate power bank that does not go with your D.Va look. The power bank stays incognito as part of your cosplay. That, my friends, is a true win. Yours for $79.99. A bargain, actually, considering it being this versatile.

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Overwatch D.Va White Rabbit Power Bank Prop Gun

Images: Dimension Technology.

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