There is an age old problem with books that has probably negated by the digital revolution. However, if you haven’t already caught up with the digital revolution and still prefer the good’ol ink-and-paper books, you will recognize the problem of keeping a book open without holding it. Well, that’s until now. Meet Page Anchor, a Nordic-inspired bookmark that prevents your book from closing, thus leaving your hands free to do a bunch of other things, including sipping on your favorite cup of Joe with both hands and whatnot.

Page Anchor Swedish Anchor Bookmark

Page Anchor is, as its name suggests, really an anchor for pages – by both the look and functionality. It literally anchors the book down so that it stays open without human intervention. Weighing in at mere 23g (about 0.8 ounce), Page Anchor is functional, easy to use and crafted from 316L stainless steel, finished in hand-polished precious metals to give it the shine and elegance. It is a simple device that will make your reading life a lot more less frustrating.

Page Anchor Swedish Anchor Bookmark

But frustration and hands-free reading does come with a price and in this case, you are looking at 419 SEK, or about US$47 for a piece. That’s already 10 percent off the retail price, btw, and only if you pre-order on Kickstarter where it is running a campaign till May 19. The campaign is well over its funding goal, so yeah, your pledge is a pre-order which will fulfill in July 2018. The Page Anchor Swedish Anchor Bookmark is available in a choice of finish, including signature gold, winter platinum, rose gold and obsidian black.

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Page Anchor Swedish Anchor Bookmark

All images courtesy of Page Anchor Designs.

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