Fujitsu demoed the next generation color e-Paper

Fujitsu e-Paper Prototype 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Fujitsu Next Generation Color e-Paper Module video)

during the International Digital Publishing Expo, Fujitsu demoed its next generation cholesteric LCD color digital paper which sport significant improvements in terms of brightness, contrast and color replication. unlike the traditional LCD, cholesterol LCD does not require polarizing and reflecting plates, color filters or backlights, therefore it can be thin, light and at the same time bright. with the new development, Fujitsu also changed the OS from Windows to Linux, thus improving its processing speed (oops!). currently, this concept is able to display 4,096 colors and has a writing speed of 0.7 seconds. according to Hirokazu Aritake of Fujitsu Laboratories, a trade off exists between the writing speed and the display colors which means that if they reduce the writing speed, they can actually have a full color display. Continue reading “Fujitsu demoed the next generation color e-Paper”

Dockem: a shelf for your smartphones and tablets

Dockem 544x360px
(credit: Dockem) Dockem | US$19.00 |

the problem with gadget accessories today is that it is only as good as the lifespan of your gadget. which means, whenever you change gadget, the associated accessories are rendered useless but that need not to be case if you have Dockem. described as an universal phone and tablet wall mount, it can be configured to hold virtually any phone, tablet or even eBook reader that you have. think of it as a miniature shelf for your lovely gadgets, it sticks to the wall with the help of 3M’s command strips which are strong and yet no hassle removable. Continue reading “Dockem: a shelf for your smartphones and tablets”

Motorola XT860 4G: world’s thinnest QWERTY slider smartphone

Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone 544x738px
(credit: Motorola Mobility Canada) Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone | US$tba |

Motorola has been busy churning out new handsets recently and the latest handset to be announced is the Motorola XT860 4G Smartphone announced by Motorola Mobility Canada. the XT860 4G will be available soon exclusively through Bell Mobility in Canada. this Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbred) powered handset is touted to be the world’s thinnest QWERTY Slider Smartphone, measuring just 12.9-mm thin, along with a 63.9-mm width and 123.3-mm length. Continue reading “Motorola XT860 4G: world’s thinnest QWERTY slider smartphone”

Jawbone Up monitors your bodily stats, works with smartphone

Jawbone Up 544x288px
(credit: Jawbone) Jawbone Up | US$tba |

first, it was Bluetooth headset, then it was Bluetooth speakers and now Jawbone wants to get more intimate with your life with Jawbone Up. this fashionable wristband is packed with sensors that will track your movements, sleep patterns, as well as eating habits, and send them to a companion app on your smartphone. these stats are then processed and used to make recommendation on nutrition, exercise et cetera. basically, it will assist you in getting a healthier lifestyle, so to speak and hopefully avoid any nasty surprises. no specifics on how these information will be send to your smartphone but it’s Jawbone, so it is safe to assume it will be via Bluetooth. want one already? unfortunately, details on pricing and launch date are not available at this point in time. Continue reading “Jawbone Up monitors your bodily stats, works with smartphone”

Griffin Helo TC – iOS controlled remote control indoor helicopter

Griffin Helo TC 544x338px
(credit: Griffin Technology) Griffin Helo TC | US$49.99 |

if you think flying your real aircraft model using iPhly with your iPhone is a little too risky and the Parrot A.R.Drone price tag is way off your budget, then Griffin Technology may just have the answer for you. it has announced an AppPowered toy, dubbed the Helo TC that let you use an iOS app to pilot a micro indoor helicopter. users can control this little heli using their iOS devices via the dedicated app that controls either by touching the screen or through “tilt-to-fly”. Continue reading “Griffin Helo TC – iOS controlled remote control indoor helicopter”

meet the world’s one and only turbine-powered Batmobile [video]

Turbine-powered Batmobile 544x408px
(credit: Putsch Racing)

the world is not lacking of Batmobile replicas but this particular creation by Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing is not yet another replica but one that’s actually powered by a turbine engine and according to Putsch, this is the only turbine-powered Batmobile in the world. i bet you didn’t think this beauty is drivable but on the contrary, not only does it drives like any regular car but it is also registered and insured for U.S. roads, which means it is total road-worthy and street legal. one word: awesome! Continue reading “meet the world’s one and only turbine-powered Batmobile “

Geneva Model XXL – when sound system meets TV console

Geneva Sound System Model XXL 544x428px
(credit: Geneva) Geneva Sound System Model XXL | £2,499.00 |

the Geneva Sound System Model XXL is not the newest of the new but it is certainly worth mentioning and a read. so what is so good about the XXL? it is good if you are looking at three things for your living room: a sound dock, a speaker system and a TV console for your slim line LED TV to sit on. clad in a contemporary yet minimalist design that Geneva sound system has come to known by, the Model XXL may be easily be mistaken for just a TV console but that’s not completely untrue – it is a TV console mashed up with a speaker system that’s blessed with seven speakers, accompanied by a 12-inch subwoofer and a dock for your iPhone/iPod to boot. Continue reading “Geneva Model XXL – when sound system meets TV console”

2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class teased with specifications [updated with more photos]

2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class 544x311px
(credit: Daimler) 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class | US$tba |

Mercedes-Benz has released details and teaser images of the 2012 B-Class ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. touted as “a quantum leap in the compact class”, the new B-Class sports refinements in every possible aspects including chassis and suspension, improved aerodynamics, high-tech engines and safety technology. Continue reading “2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class teased with specifications [updated with more photos]”

roundup of five luxury mobile phones in recent time

round up of five luxury mobile phones 544x311px
(credit: graphics by click on above image to view larger alternate image

just like everything else in life, mobile phones have their luxurious counterpart and we have seen more of them being introduced into the market in recent years. for the uninitiated, luxury mobile phones are not just Vertu alone, although they are very much alive and kicking, and they are not just ‘blinged’ up item of its ‘lesser’ counterpart but each of them are purposely made luxury. what set these luxurious phones apart from the rest are not its user features but for its construction and aesthetic appeal. today, we shortlisted five most stunning and alluring luxury phone to grace the mobile communication world in recent time. Continue reading “roundup of five luxury mobile phones in recent time”

Motorola Mobility announced S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones 544x468px
(credit: Motorola Mobility Japan) Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones | ¥12,800.00 |

hot on the heels of the recently announced HK210 Bluetooth Wireless Headset, Motorola Mobility Japan announced yet another Bluetooth connectivity product – the S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones, successor to the award-winning S9-HD headphones. designed with sporting users in mind, or those in extreme hot countries where sweat is as common as the dust in the air, this pair of buds is totally sweat proof and water resistant. Continue reading “Motorola Mobility announced S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones”