Covini six-wheelers C6W supercar is production ready

Covini C6W img1 544px
(image credit: COVINI) Covini C6W Supercar | US$tbc |

is having more of something a good thing? apparently, an Italian engineering company, Covini Engineering, thinks so by making a six wheeled supercar. Covini believes the C6W extra axle upfront and a pair of wheels will provide more grip, brakes better, have better resistance to aquaplaning and also improved crash protection. Continue reading Covini six-wheelers C6W supercar is production ready

Toshiba adds NB520 and NB500 to its netbook family tree

Toshiba NB520 Netbook 544px
Toshiba NB500 & NB520 | US$tbc |

was it just me feeling that the netbook market has somewhat ‘tone-down’? perhaps it might be due to the overwhelming attention to tablet over the last few months – which has taken the spotlight away from the once darling of portable computing. in anyway, Toshiba has announces a duo of new netbook, the NB500 and NB520, to be available sometime first quarter of 2011. generally, both netbooks will spot a 10.1-inch LED-backlit TRUBRITE displays with a screen resolution of 1,024 by 600, up to 250GB of hard drive storage, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and VGA webcam. connectivity includes three USB 2.0 ports (why not 3.0?), Ethernet, as well as a 2-in-1 card reader. needless to say, one would be the entry-level netbook, while the other would be the ‘higher-end’ model.

other than the aforementioned similarities, processor, memory, battery life and connectivity will differ between the mini NB500 and mini NB520. the NB520 will be powered by Intel Atom N550 processor, gets up 2GB of DDR3 memory and features Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. while the NB500 will be powered by Intel Atom N455 processor and gets 1GB of DDR2 memory. additionally, the mini NB520 will get some sweet sound treatment in the form of embedded Harman/Kardon stereo speakers with 2 x 2 watts output and Dolby Advance Audio technology.

there’s no words on the pricing as yet but we expect some hints on the pricing in coming month. seriously, with all the rage for tablets in the market right now, i wonder if there’s a market for netbooks. somehow, consumers has turned their attention to tablet more and hence, any announcement of netbooks isn’t going to turn heads much. just some months ago, any casual conversation would involve notebooks in the topic. these days, its “have you seen that tablet?” – well mostly.


true universal wireless charging that charges almost anything

ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ElectroHub) ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station | US$39.00

wireless charging is convenient and eliminates the constant frustration with wires, especially if you have multiple devices to charge at the same time. however, current option for wireless charging requires the device to be charged to don special case which may not as ideal. things are looking to change with the ElectroHub wireless charging station, set to debut at the CES 2011. ElectroHub is designed to work with virtually all electronic devices.

unlike the Powermat, it doesn’t require any special casing for your device but instead, it provides special ElectroHub batteries in form of AA or AAA sizes. to turn your device into ElectroHub-complaint, all you have to do is to replace the original battery of your device with the ElectroHub batteries, place your device on top of the ElectroHub and starts charging away. the charging station measures 233 x 155 x 20mm, is capable of charging up to six devices at a time.

in cases where devices doesn’t have replaceable batteries, user can get a special protective case that converts the charging effect to the device internal battery, much like what the Powermat does. the ElectroHub will cost $39 which includes one set of ElectroHub batteries, and additional battery sets can be purchased separately at $10 each. the ElectroHub is expected to be available first quarter of 2011.


wind-power to juice up your iPhone: iFan (for bicycle too)

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan img1 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven) iFan for iPhone | US$tbc(concept) |

we have been lamenting about the poor battery life of iPhone, but then we have a solution by the way of portable chargers. but what if you portable chargers went out of juice? duh! not good at all. time to extract some power from Mother Nature in the form of wind. well, the poor battery life of iPhone prompted Tjeerd Veenhoven to design the iFan – no, it is not a fan powered by iPhone but rather, it is the fan that’s going to juice up your iPhone.

basically, iFan is a modified PC fan molded into a rubber iPhone case and Tjeerd said that it took him six hours to charge up his iPhone. sounds a little too long perhaps, but then again its free power and readily available… well almost. Tjeerd has plan to redesign the fan blades to make it more efficient in catching the wind but in the meantime, Tjeerd has something up his sleeves… an iFan for bicycle.

sounds cool, at least you don’t need to be running around holding up your iPhone with the iFan to get it charged up. you can just mount it on the bicycle and cycle for six hours… maybe not. i guess its not for a full charge kind of thing, just perhaps a boost to the depleting power that will be enough for you to make the last call for help to save your aching legs.

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan img2 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven)

Tjeerd Veenhoven iFan for bicycle 544px
(image credit: Tjeerd Veenhoven)


Holographic maps are way cooler than 3D images

Zebra Imaging Holographic Maps 544px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

remember the movie AVATAR (Twentieth Century Fox, 2009)? those commercial alien-mineral diggers were viewing a holographic map of the Na’vi tribe’s dwelling area? well, this innovation from Zebra Imaging works something like of sort. the best part is, you have wear those ugly 3D glasses to see them in real 3D – with depth. not that those guys over at Pandora are wearing any though.

i don’t really think holographic imaging is suitable for TV (i can’t imagine the headache i will get with so many layers of activity going on at the same time) but more for mapping, just like what they did on the Pandora. perhaps an excellent idea for landscape planning, rescue mission planning, battle field planning et cetera. just don’t use it for illicit activities such as snatching other being’s resources. check out the videos below. it really look awesome.

via Wired

deboning the pork goes robotic with HAMDAS-R

HAMDAS-R Deboning Robotic Arm 544px
(image credit: DVICE)

we are accustomed to robotic arms assembling cars, but what you don’t see often or even at all, is a robotic arm that debone pork. this specialized robotic arm, known as the HAMDAS-R, has a sharp knife on its end, instead of a grapple or robotic fingers.

it is designed specifically for deboning of pork which is a task that, to date, only human can manage due to the variations in form of pork. the HAMDAS-R has the ability to determine the variations and debone swiftly and accurately. kinda cool, except that if this robots are employed, i am sure there will be placards touting workers amassing in the streets in protest.

just don’t add any more Artificial Intelligence than necessary to it, and please excludes any form of legs or wheels as well. we hate to see this thing chasing after us just because we made some silly comment about it.


another 2000mAh Super-Juice Power Case for iPhone 4

Dexim Super-Juice Pack img1 544px
(image credit: Dexim) Super-Juice Power Case | US$69.90 |

every iPhone 4 users want to be able to use the phone all day long, however the poor battery life makes this wish almost impossible. the extend of its poor battery performance can be seen by the number of portable chargers for iPhone in the market, and a growing trend is brewing: a charger doubling up as a protective case (or is it the other way round?).

Dexim just added one to the record with the Super-Juice Power Case for iPhone 4. similar to the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, the Super-Juice Power Case boost a 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and touted the following stats:

– 6-hours of additional talk time
– 10-hours of additional video/gaming
– 40-hours of additional music playback

charging and syncing of your iPhone can still be achieved via the use of the included micro-USB cable. the Super-Juice Power Case is also a tough case with a built-in kickstand for handsfree viewing of video on your desk or wherever you fancy – as long as its a flat surface.

the Dexim Super-Juice Power Case comes in white and retails at $69.90, which is $30 cheaper than the Mophie item. there’s indication on how much bulk the case would add to your slim iPhone 4, though.

Dexim Super-Juice Pack img2 544px
(image credit: Dexim)

sleek nostalgic looking Miluira: a souped up golf-cart?

Takayanagi Miluira Electric Vehicle img1 544px
(image credit: Takayanagi) Miluira Electric Vehicle | ¥6.3 million |

Takayanagi announced its first commercially available electric car, the Miluira, to be shipped in March 2011. this retro looking vehicle has every look of class – in a retro way. there’s a catch though – it’s only 1-seater. duh! now, this car really makes the SMART car look slightly better isn’t it? Continue reading sleek nostalgic looking Miluira: a souped up golf-cart?

futuristic DARPA Transformer is a flying car, literally

DARPA Transformer in Helicopter form 544px
(image credit: DARPA)

remember the cartoon M.A.S.K.? all the heroes and villains vehicle are dual-role vehicle. meaning they can transform into another mode of transport or transform itself from a family-friendly SUV into a weapon-loaded battle-ready transport. well, looks like the DARPA‘s Transformer is the real life M.A.S.K. vehicle – its a Humvee and a helicopter rolled into one. Continue reading futuristic DARPA Transformer is a flying car, literally

Formula One race to go green in 2013 with hybrid engines

Formula One to green in 2013 544px
(image credit: Darren Heath)

it may sounds ridiculous to true-blue horsepower-hungry racing fans, but according a report by CNET UK, this is going to happen in 2013. come 2013, Formula One race cars will be powered by smaller, more fuel efficient hybrid engines. currently, Formula One race cars are powered by naturally-aspirated 2.4 liter, V-8 engines which will be replaced by 1.6 liter, four cylinders turbo-charged engine with Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). this will, reportedly, reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50 per cent. Continue reading Formula One race to go green in 2013 with hybrid engines

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