cable management made beautiful with the Plug Hub

Quirky Plug Hub main 544x311
(image credit: Quirky) Quirky Plug Hub | US$23.95 (pre-sale) |

usually cable management solution consists of nothing more than a box to conceal the unsightly clutter or at best, a contraption that coils the excess cables. hopes are high for cable-management aficionados as there might be a new solution in the form of the Plug Hub which combines the goodness of both methods of cable management. essentially, Plug Hub is a box with an alcove for your power strip and has three openings at the top of the unit that directs the cords neatly down to the power strip.

what makes the Plug Hub stands out is probably the three built-in cord anchors in the hub that allow users to coil up the longer cables. amazingly, this is a feature that has been lacking in today’s cable management system. however, with the integrated anchors, it does somewhat bulked up the Plug Hub, giving it a 3.5 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches (88.9 x 266.7 x 241.3 mm) size. fortunately, the Plug Hub is a pretty sight too. made from rigid plastic in charcoal color with a light blue base, the Plug Hub has a rubber lining at the bottom, and it can be placed on the floor, lie on its back or mount to a wall.

i’m kind of obsessed with reducing clutter around me and the excess cables i have has always bugged me even with the use of a concealed power strip. i had to use three IKEA cord managers to wind up the excess cables, making the clutter a little more presentable but far from perfect.

the Plug Hub is not available immediately, but if there is enough order for the Plug Hub, then it will be made and shipped. the pre-sale price is $23.95, which i thought is a pretty manageable price. how’s that for a start of a neat cable management?

PS: i like the idea of light blue base, which gives the Plug Hub a ‘future-touch’. blame it on TRON.

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Quirky Plug Hub - under the desk 544x311 Quirky Plug Hub - the three built-in anchors 544x311 Quirky Plug Hub - views 544x311

imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath

Shark Bath by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design 600x500px
we are a huge fan of everything beautiful, and this beautiful and somewhat futuristic bathtub designed by Michael Samoriz for Umbra Design, had us in an instant. if only all things in life is as beautiful as this. inspired by the oral cavity of the magnificent predator of the sea and aptly named the Shark Bath, the cradle with handle-like tub features an overhead shower system and additional jet sprays situated on the inside of the ‘handle’. we are totally captivated by the Shark Bath not withstanding the fear we still have 36-years after JAWS. build it please! Continue reading “imagine bathing with sharks with this elegant Shark Bath”

meet the souped up Louis Vuitton-inspired WORKS Mini

CoverEFX Mini Works main 544x311px
(image credit: CoverEFX)

conceived by German car tuner, CoverEFX, this Louis Vuitton-inspired John Cooper Works Mini is covered with gold on brown monogram design topped off with matte gold trimmings in every conceivable places. even the Xenon headlamps are not spared of the luxurious matte gold look. the special leather-textured foil wrap is emblazoned with the gold monograms, a la-Louis Vuitton-look, which makes the JCW looks like one serious luggage with mean horsepower. Continue reading “meet the souped up Louis Vuitton-inspired WORKS Mini”

NoteSlate aims to replace your pen and paper with e-ink

NoteSlate main 544x311px
(image credit: NoteSlate) NoteSlate | US$99.00 |

just when i was all excited about the Boogie Board, i stumbled upon another e-paper device featured by Wired recently. this tablet or slate as the NoteSlate‘s name suggests, uses e-ink technology and comes with a pop-out stylus for writing on its huge 13-inch display. the NoteSlate is touted to be an “intuitively simple monochrome paper alike tablet device.” the physical size of the device measures 210 x 310 x 6 mm which is slightly bigger in term of length as compared to the A4 size paper.

the NoteSlate boost a 750 x 1080 pixels resolution and has a few connectivity which includes mini USB, SD card slot, 3.5-mm jack and a power connector. without doubt, the NoteSlate aims to get us to loose the paper (and possibly, saving some trees along the way). there are three hardware buttons that let user delete the whole page, save the current page, or flip to the previous page. oddly, there’s no mention of forwarding to the next page. unlike the Boogie Board, it allows localized or partial erasing using the pen. weighing in at 280 grams, the tablet has a built-in (i supposed, its rechargeable) battery that boost a lengthy 180-hours of usage.

the NoteSlate is set to retail at $99 and is to be launched in June 2011. the one-page official website has a few mock-up images of the product, which looks pretty good but i have always been a skeptic when a product has a one page web with no other information on who’s behind the product or more technical specifications. which makes it appear to be a rather ‘halfhearted’ effort to promote the product. nevertheless, we certainly hope it will be a real-deal come this June.

via Wired

Finally, Google Translate is now available for iPhone

Google Translate App for iPhone screenshots main 544px
(credit: screenshots by mike) Google Translate App | US$free | on iTunes store

good news for travelers! Google Translate has finally come to iPhone. there are a host of translators out there but Google has some pretty neat features built into this app. the app is able to to translate words and phrases between 50 languages and besides the traditional onscreen keyboard input, users can speak into the app to do the translation as well. though the voice input is only limited to just 15 languages.

once a language is translated, users can choose to listen to the translated language. however, this reading aloud capability is restricted to just 23 languages for now. there’s also a dictionary function where users can view the dictionary results for individual words, although i can’t really figure out the real use of it. in case you are in a foreign land and need the other party to read what you wanted to say or ask, just hit the zoom icon or turn your iPhone horizontally to get a full screen display of the translated text, ensuring the other party has a clear picture of what you are trying to convey. miscommunication could a thing of the past, or at the very least, kept to the minimal.

Google Translate for iPhone also features a history log of the translations you have done which provide a quick reference of the previously translated text without the hassle of typing them all over again. in case you have a huge list of the history, you can chose to ‘star’ those commonly used words or phrases, and easily reference back to them under the ‘starred’ tab. very intuitive indeed. Google Translate for iPhone is available for free on the AppStore and will with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 3.0 or later.

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Google Translate App - screenshot of voice input 268px Google Translate App - screenshot of English to Simplified Chinese translation 268px Google Translate App - screenshot of English to Japanese translation 268px Google Translate App - screenshot of language selection menu 268px Google Translate App - screenshot of history. note the 'delete' and 'starred' items 268px

via The Official Google Blog

Sony Playstation 3 slim to get new satin silver paint job

Sony PS3 Slim in Satin Silver 544x380px
(image credit: SCEI) Sony PS3 Satin Silver | from ¥29,980.00 |

throughout the history of Playstation console, one thing we learned is that Sony will not be contented with just one color for its console and the latest incarnation will be no exception too. currently, the PS3 slim is available in either black or white, and since a couple of months ago, we saw the limited edition Gran Turismo 5 model in the sexy titanium blue hue. come this March, it will receive yet another new paint job, this time in satin silver. Continue reading “Sony Playstation 3 slim to get new satin silver paint job”

love lomo? love the new Fisheye No.2 from Lomography

Lomography Fisheye No 2 main 544px
(image credit: Lomography) Lomography Fisheye No.2 “I love you | I love Lomo” Edition | US$89.76 |

still wondering what to get for your love one this Valentine’s Day? how about this special Valentine’s Day Edition Fisheye No 2 entitled “I love you | I love Lomo” Edition film camera? though the naming may not sound politically correct to your love one, or at least not completely correct. red is the staple color for the most romantic time of the year, or so it seems and hence the Fisheye No 2 spots a brand new red/white paint job with a ‘heart’ on the lens cap. Continue reading “love lomo? love the new Fisheye No.2 from Lomography”

construction begins for the world’s fastest car

Bloodhound SSC in Bloodhound Technical Center 544x358px
(images credit: Bloodhound SSC/BBC News/Cosworth/Flow Images/Curventa/Siemens)

the British Bloodhound project is determined to beat the World Land Speed Record set by the Thrust SuperSonic Car in 1997 by a cool 237 mph. it has set it sight on achieving an nerve breaking 1,000 mph (1,600 km/h) land speed in late 2012 at the dried out lake bed in Hakskeen Pan in the Northern Cape of South Africa. the project started three years ago is finally going into the construction phase. Continue reading “construction begins for the world’s fastest car”

Click n Cook is the utensil that changes at a click

Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System main 544x420px
(image credit: Quirky/Click n Cook) Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System | US$39.99 |

remember what we said about simple inventions that makes our life easier? well, here’s an ingenious invention that does just that. introducing the Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System, a spatula system that has just one handle but five different spatula head attachments. need to stir the pasta? switch to the slotted spoon attachment. need to flip a burger? pop out the slotted spoon attachment and click on the extra-wide slotted spatula to do the job. need i say more? it’s simply awesome.

all parts of the Click n Cook Modular Spatula are made of food-safe plastic and of course, they are dishwasher-safe too. the Click n Cook Modular Spatula system comes with five detachable spatula heads, an ergonomic handle and a compact, two-part stainless steel block. invented by Fred Ende, created through Quirky, Inc‘s brand of social product development and input from a community of thousands, Click n Cook is the new-age multi-functional cooking utensil. we are glad that this wonderful product made it to production and is now available via Quirky web store for $39.99. i gotta have one of this.

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Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System 500x430px Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System 500x430px Quirky Click n Cook Modular Spatula System 500x430px

The Cartella turns your MacBook Air into a book

Pad & Quill The Cartella main 544x358px
(image credit: Pad & Quill) Pad & Quill The Cartella for MacBook Air | from US$79.99 (pre-order price) |

protecting your MacBook Air doesn’t need to be the standard plastic flair. if you’re into masquerading your MacBook Air into something else, other then its original self then check out this new bookbindery case, named The Cartella for MacBook Air, from Pad & Quill. it would certainly gives this piece of 21st century technology a classical touch. Continue reading “The Cartella turns your MacBook Air into a book”