Tonino Lamborghini shoes collection for Fall-Winter 2011/2012

Tonino Lamborghini Shoes 2011-2012 544x328px
(credit: Tonino Lamborghini) Tonino Lamborghini Shoes | from US$tba |

if mixing fashion with supercar is your kind of thing, you should really check out the shoes collection from Tonino Lamborghini’s Fall Winter 2011/2012 collection. details are scant at this point but judging from the available photos for the shoes preview, they are looking smart. the four shoes previewed are shown in their awesome dark navy and grey hues and ranges from dress shoes to casual sneakers to high-cut boots that looks like they could be use for motorsports racing. at the first glance, the shoes look like they were from the future with some of them sporting a semi-gloss industrial finish. pretty sweet stuff. a few more look at these shoes after the break. Continue reading “Tonino Lamborghini shoes collection for Fall-Winter 2011/2012”

playGo USB wireless audio goodness with a lot of style

playGo USB 544x330px
(credit: playGo) playGo USB | US$449.99 |

today, virtually everything has gone or is going wireless and this wire-free phenomena is slowly creeping into the audiophile territory. for audiophiles who are still apprehensive about changing to newer system with AirPlay technology or wireless speaker system, there are always aftermarket add-ons to enable wireless streaming to your existing system and to this end, we are certainly not lacking of options to suit different budget level. if you have a little more to splurge, you might want to check out this latest wireless streaming option – playGo USB. playGo USB is a true plug-n-play system that enables sending of high quality audio streams from your PC or Mac to any stereo system. Continue reading “playGo USB wireless audio goodness with a lot of style”

Pixel Mouse – 8-bit style hand-pointer wired mouse

Pixel Mouse 544x544px
(credit: via RED5) Pixel Mouse | £14.95 |

if you lament the fact that the pixelated world is being left behind, then perhaps this Pixel Mouse should lift your spirit a little. never mind the fact this is a wired mouse with nothing special to shout about but it is after all, a novel mouse and just by looking at its jagged edges should really put a smile on the face on any pixelated geeks out there. shaped after a giant Windows pointing hand, this is sure to eliminate the monotony from your computer desk and plus the fact that it cost just £14.95 (about US$24). a small price to pay for reliving the joy of pixelated era in its full solid glory. hit past the jump for a couple more look. Continue reading “Pixel Mouse – 8-bit style hand-pointer wired mouse”

Samsung announced a quartet of Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones 544x311px
(credit: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Smartphone | US$tba |

following its success with Galaxy Tab, Samsung has announced a quartet of smartphones taking on the Galaxy namesake and along with it, a brand new branding strategy. the quartet of Galaxy handset includes Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro – all running on Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread OS. at one breath, four phones are being announced which makes me wonder if there is indeed the need for so many variation? Samsung even has a ‘glossary’ that explains what each alphabet means, speaking of which, i shall spare you the torture of reading through a lengthy Samsung Galaxy dictionary. read along for a little more detail on each of these Galaxy smartphones. Continue reading “Samsung announced a quartet of Galaxy smartphones”

Panasonic FZ47 and FZ150 Digital Cameras with 24x zoom

Panasonic LUMIX FZ series cameras 544x400px
(credit: Panasonic) Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47K (US$399.95) and DMC-FZ150K (US$499.99) Digital Cameras |

can’t get enough of zooming for your point-and-shoot camera? well, then you are in luck. these pair of FZ series from Panasonic, the FZ47 and the FZ150 digital cameras might just be the cameras for you. first up is the LUMIX DMC-FZ47 which is packed with a powerful 24x optical zoom in a 25-mm ultra-wide angle Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens. this camera features a 12.1-megapixels Hi-Speed CCD sensor and is capable of full HD (1080i) video recording in AVCHD format. other features include manual control, 3D photo mode, optical image stabilizer, Venus image processing engine, and Panasonic’s Nano Surface Coating on its Leica lens for reduction in light reflection that causes ghosting and flare. the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ47K digital camera is available from retail stores and online stores such as Amazon with a retail prick of $399.95. Continue reading “Panasonic FZ47 and FZ150 Digital Cameras with 24x zoom”

Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone

Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone 544x390px
(credit: Tonino Lamborghini) Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone | HK$288,000.00 |

marking its 30th anniversary of its Fashion and Accessories division, Tonino Lamborghini announced an exquisite handset, dubbed the Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone (or mobile phone, if you prefer). this decidedly feminine handset features 7.8 carats worth of diamonds set on the front of the 316L stainless steel case. the luxurious touch continues on the back with white alligator-patterned leather and adding a dash of gold are two Tonino Lamborghini “Raging Bull” icons in 18-carat gold, each at the front and the back of the handset. other features of this Italian-designed, Swiss-assembled handset include sapphire crystal, a 2.0-inch LCD with 240 x 320 pixels resolution, 3.0-megapixels front and back camera with autofocus and built-in LED flash, and 4-GB worth of storage space. Continue reading “Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone”

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph – Silver and Sport Classic

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph - Silver and Sport Classic 544x328px
(credit: Ferrari) Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Watch | from US$464.75 |

whether you are a prancing horse marque owner or just a fan who can’t afford this luxury sports ride, the Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Watches should appeal to you. the best part is, it cost just a fraction of its four-wheel going counterpart. two versions are available: the Ferrari Paddock Sport Classic Chronograph and the Silver Ferrari Paddock Chronograph. both version are made in Switzerland and bears the proven Swiss quartz movement, Cal. Ronda 5030 D for the Sport Classic version and Cal. Ronda 5050.C. for the Silver version. Continue reading “Ferrari Paddock Chronograph – Silver and Sport Classic”

Artya puts real bullets into this Sun of a Gun time piece

Aryta Son of a Gun Concept Watch 544x460px
(credit: Artya) Artya Son of a Gun Watch | US$na(concept) |

usually ammunitions and time pieces don’t mix but then, that was before Son of a Gun, an one-off time piece created by Yvan Artya came to light. within its 47-mm steel case, is a Swiss automatic movement with a crosshair engraved on it and surrounded by six tiny Flobert 6-mm rounds that seems to be tangle in a mess of copper wires. on its back, the rotor of the automatic movement is decorated by three 38-mm bullet cartridges’ base, which can be clearly seen through its clear case-back. at a glance, the three 38-mm cartridges do remind us of a revolver, albeit being two or three shots lesser. this is one time piece that’s certain to get people talking but unfortunately, like many Artya watches, this is yet another one-off make. yes, it is indeed unfortunate. wouldn’t it be nice to hear “are those bullets stuck inside your watch?” perhaps, taking it as an art will ease your desire for one a little but do keep an eye for more of such concept from Artya, as the company has promised that “there will be more watches with bullets and other gun parts.” catch a couple more look after the break. Continue reading “Artya puts real bullets into this Sun of a Gun time piece”

Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray Player with built-in WiFi

Panasonic DMP-BDT310 544x311px
Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray Player | US$204.99 |

with the influx of media centers or players, we hardly think about DVD player, let alone Blu-ray player, anymore. regardless whether media player or traditional disc-medium is taking the chunk of the market share, there’s one thing that we can be sure of: no matter which form of media player we have, it got to have WiFi built-in and that’s exactly what the new Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray Player is equipped with. apart from that, it sports a twin HDMI output for video/audio that enables you to enjoy 3D content alongside non 3-D audio system, plus it will turn any HDTV into a SKYPE™-enabled TV. what’s more, it can even record Skype video mail while you are away. this my friend, is going to change how we see disc-based player forever. however, i think manufacturer should really think about changing the shape of the player. perhaps in a cube form or something. technology changes, so should aesthetic. don’t you think so? the Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Bluray Player is priced at $204.99. Continue reading “Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray Player with built-in WiFi”

BUILT x A Bathing Ape tech and lifestyle accessories

BUILT x A Bathing Ape accessories 544x311px
(credit: BUILT) Limited Edition BUILT x A Bathing Ape Tech & Lifestyle Accessories | from US$78.00 |

New York-based design company BUILT has teamed up with Japanese lifestyle fashion brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) to launch a collection of tech and lifestyle accessories. these tech and lifestyle accessories include Neoprene Sleeve for iPhone 4 ($78), Laptop Sleeve 12″-13″ ($135) and 14″-15″($152), Soft Shell™ Camera Case Small ($65) and Large ($100), Cargo™ Travel Organizer ($83) and Gourmet Getaway™ Lunch Tote ($100). these accessories feature the iconic BAPE camouflage print in green shades on BUILT’s signature neoprene material products. pretty eye-catching stuff if you ask me and plus, the fact that neoprene material is known to be water-resistant, elastic and form-fitting, and has just the right thickness to protect your gadgets from the daily knocks and bumps. another example of a perfect marriage between form and function. the Limited Edition BUILT x A Bathing Ape Tech & Lifestyle Accessories are available exclusively from BAPE stores worldwide and BAPE U.S. website. check out a few more look of this collection after the break. Continue reading “BUILT x A Bathing Ape tech and lifestyle accessories”