QED Live uPlay Bluetooth Receiver is an alternative to Apple Airplay

QED uPlay Bluetooth Receiver 544px
(image credit: QED uPlay) QED Live uPlay Bluetooth Receiver | £64.95 | www.my-uplay.co.uk

iOS devices has the Airplay capability with the iOS 4.2 software update. those non-iOS devices won’t be left out in the cold, thanks to the QED Live uPlay Bluetooth Receiver. the uPlay connects to your home stereo systems, allowing Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to stream music to it wireless… well via Bluetooth, of course.

the uPlay incorporates the new ‘apt-X’ technology which is touted to improve the Bluetooth sound quality. the uPlay is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers and netbooks. and if for some reason that your iOS devices cannot take advantage of Airplay, the uPlay also supports Apple iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch (2nd & 3rd Gen) and the iPad.

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O Car integrates your iPhone with your car stereo

Oxygen Audio O Car img1 544px
(image credit: Oxygen Audio) Oxygen Audio O Car | US$tbc | www.oxygenaudio.com

these days, most car stereo supports iPhone and iPod connectivity via a dedicated cable from the rear of the head unit and stash in the glove compartment. why should we keep the beautiful retina display out of sight? apparently, these guys over at Oxygen Audio didn’t think the iPhone should be hidden away and took a step further by integrating the iPhone as part of the car stereo head unit. with the iPhone integrated, users are able to control all the standard car stereo functions with the iPhone touchscreen. having said that, we are certain there will be an app for this purpose.

the clever design also allows the iPhone to be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. while cradled in the head unit, users are also able to access to all the iPhone’s apps, listens to the iTunes music stored in the phone and of course, make hands-free call or simply sync with a Bluetooth headset to make a call. other advantages of this integration includes the use of the iPhone navigation apps to aid navigation while driving, access to Internet Radios and the iPhone will be charged at the same time. this 4x55W head unit comes with built-in FM/AM radio tuner too, enabling you to tune-in to your favorite radio stations if you get bored with your iTunes music collections.

if you are interested in laying your hands on one, you got to wait a while more as there are no words on its pricing and availability. however, the unit is set to be showcased in the upcoming CES 2011 which, by then, should have some hint on its price.

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(image credit: Oxygen Audio)

Oxygen Audio O Car img3 544px
(image credit: Oxygen Audio)

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(image credit: Oxygen Audio)

Oxygen Audio O Car img5 544px
(image credit: Oxygen Audio)

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Screwpop Tool proves multi-purpose tool doesn’t have to big

Screwpop Tool img2 544px
(image credit: Screwpop Tool, LLC) Screwpop Tool | from US$4.95 | www.screwpoptool.com

how many times were you in an impromptu situation where you wished you had a handy tool to tighten some screws? or perhaps, pop a booze or two open for your buds? technology advancement has been going leaps and bounds, but sometimes we may have forgotten to address the smaller but yet important issues in life. and these smaller issues need not be addressed with high-tech gadgetry. Continue reading “Screwpop Tool proves multi-purpose tool doesn’t have to big”

Athlete robot showcased in IEEE Humanoids 2010 conference

Athlete Bot screenshot 544px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

in the recent IEEE Humanoids 2010 conference, held in Nashville, Tennessee, Ryumu Niiyama showcased a running robot, dubbed the Athlete. this Athlete-bot with springy blade-like legs, emulates the human muscles in the leg, hip and lower abdomen regions with an artificial musculoskeletal system.

judging from the video, i guess the development is still in its infancy. the bot was rigged with a harness hung from the ceiling and manages a few steps before falling to the ground. nevertheless it was a promising development and the knowledge gained from such developments may be (in future) translated to practical uses for devices which will eventually aid disable people in achieving freedom of movement again.


manual pocket-size shredder lets you shred on-the-go

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(image credit: ThinkGeek) Hand Paper Shredder | US$23.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

these days, identity thefts are way too common. while many identity thefts are mainly due to digital leaks, we shouldn’t take chances with our hardcopy documents too. documents such as checks (void one, of course) shouldn’t be thrown into the trash as-is, they should be shredded to avoid being tampered with. that said, not all can afford one of those pricey powered shredder but don’t need to feel dejected, just grab of one these Hand Paper Shredder and you can be shred-happy anytime, anywhere. Continue reading “manual pocket-size shredder lets you shred on-the-go”

going natural with KARVT wood based skins for iPhone

KARVT iPhone 4 skins OAK - Natural 544px
(image credit: KARVT) KARVT Wood Skin for iPhone | from US$15.00 | karvt.com

Gelaskins practically kick started skinning of our gadgets. but if the 3M vinyl stickers with fancy graphics is not for you, how about going on a more serious note with wood-skins? sure, you can always get a bamboo made iPhone case but that adds bulk while the KARVT doesn’t. however, the trade off is, much lesser protection for your phone.

there are different kind of woods to choose from, ranging from Alder to Pine to Walnut. the KARVT skins set comprises of front and back skin cover. however, ordering for the ‘Back’ only skin is possible too. prices start from $15 for 3GS and from $25 for iPhone 4 skins. there’s also a Limited Edition Hydro74 Owl designed by Orlando-based artist… Hydro74 on maple wood, which cost $30.

do note that the skins only cover the front and back, while sides and corners still remain exposed. its a fair trade between beauty (& slimness) and (serious) protections. i am cautious. for now, ultra thin, and almost no protection case is the farthest i will go with my iPhone 4. but the KARVT item is really beautiful and it took me much effort to peel my eyes off them.

KARVT also has wood skins for both MacBooks and iPads too.

KARVT iPhone 4 Hydro74 on Maple 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

KARVT iPhone 4 skins 544px
(image credit: KARVT)

Orbotix Sphero robotic ball game played with iOS and Android

Orbotix Sphero - final design of the ball 544px
(image credit: Orbotix)

if flying the Parrot A.R.Drone is not for you, then maybe something that rolls on the ground might appeal to you. though not using WiFi for control, the robotic ball – dubbed Sphero (yes, it has a name now) – is controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth. developed by Boulder-based Orbotix start-up, the Sphero is a entirely new game platform which the physical ball forms part of your gaming experience. Continue reading “Orbotix Sphero robotic ball game played with iOS and Android”

bicycle lock doubles up as a LED warning light

Chen Guan-Yuan Signal Lock img1 544px
(image credit: Chen Guan-Yuan)

this particular device will probably goes into the ‘beautiful but not exactly practical’ category. seriously, a warning triangle for a bicycle? you gotta be kidding me. however, there’s one part of this device that’s practical – that’s the bicycle lock function. when not used as a LED warning light, the Signal Lock is a bicycle lock that keeps your bike safe from thieves.

i won’t want to risk repairing my bicycle on the side of dimly lit road – i would probably carry the bicycle to somewhere safer to work with. if this device becomes a reality, it will either be used as a bicycle lock only or put in the trunk of your car for obvious purpose. it looks nice though.

Chen Guan-Yuan Signal Lock img2 544px
(image credit: Chen Guan-Yuan)

Chen Guan-Yuan Signal Lock img3 544px
(image credit: Chen Guan-Yuan)

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Kenwood announces new sound dock for iPhone and iPod

Kenwood CLX-70 Sound Dock img1 544px
(image credit: Kenwood) Kenwood CLX-70 Sound Dock | US$tbc | www.kenwood.co.jp

Kenwood has joined the iPhone and iPod sound dock market with its new CLX-70 sound dock. this contemporary piece will spot a dock for iPhone and iPod off at side of the speaker, instead of the usual center position. other media players will not be left out in the cold, as the CLX-70 also has an USB port and also a SD card slot for music input.

other features expected of this new kid on the block are FM/AM radio, DTS Envelo Speakers, D-Bass and equalizer settings to suit different music. the Kenwood CLX-70 comes in three different colors and will be available later this month. seriously, we consumers are spoilt for choice. with so many sound docks at varying budgets, we are not lacking of options.

Kenwood CLX-70 Sound Dock - Pink 544px
(image credit: Kenwood)

Kenwood CLX-70 Sound Dock - Black 544px
(image credit: Kenwood)

Kenwood CLX-70 Sound Dock - White 544px
(image credit: Kenwood)

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space-age design air purification device with an organic touch

ANDREA Air Purifier img1 544px
(image credit: ANDREA) ANDREA Air Purifier | €149.00 | www.andrea-air.jp

with all the shiny computers and gadgets you owned, it makes sense to get an equally beautiful (and space-age) air purifier to go along with them. right? the ANDREA Air Purifier looks like a scaled-down green house of the space-age era which should goes in harmony with all the modern high tech stuff you own. jointly developed by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards, the ANDREA uses the natural metabolic activity of a common plant to purify the polluted air it draws in.

actually, i feel sorry for the plant for having to breath in our pollutes. but i guess every living things has their respective duty, so here within the ANDREA, the plant does what it does best for the better health for all of us. space-age device comes with a space-age price. the ANDREA will set you back at €149 (about $199). wow. maybe i should just purchase a few plants and lay them out around my room instead.

ANDREA Air Purifier img2 544px
(image credit: ANDREA)