going retro Arcade gaming with your iPad: iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet 544px
(image source: ThinkGeek)
another reason for you to get an iPad. well, not really. but if you already have an iPad, consider going old school with this sweet iPad Arcade Cabinet with cheerful paint job to match. basically the iCade (yes, that’s what they call it), is an iPad dock in the guise of retro Arcade Cabinet, dedicated to retro gaming. you will need the iCade App to go with this Arcade cabinet. strangely, i can’t find the App on the Appstore. perhaps it is only available in US Appstore? so those non-US Store users, do take note. Continue reading “going retro Arcade gaming with your iPad: iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet”

2nd series Lightsaber Chopsticks: Star Wars Darth Maul & Mace Windu Lightsaber Chopsticks Set

Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Maul Lightsaber Chopsticks 544px
(photo source: store.kotous.com)
yet another item from the ever popular Star Wars franchise. following up to the popular Lightsaber Chopsticks series (remember Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Yoda Lightsaber Chopsticks?), Kotobukiya introduces the 2nd series which has 2 sets: the Darth Maul & Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Chopsticks set and the Darth Maul & Mace Windu’s Lightsaber Chopsticks set. with Lightsaber you can eat your sushi in the Jedi way while defending the galaxy from the rebel forces or the Imperial troopers – depending on which sides you chose.

the chopsticks’ lightsaber blades are casted in translucent material and measures 9 inches long. the Darth Maul chopsticks comes with a special bonus connector which lets you convert the Darth Maul chopsticks into a doubled-bladed lightsaber, just like in the movie. i’m not sure what you going to do with the chopsticks when you do that. each chopsticks include a translucent Star Wars logo chopsticks rest. may the force be with you (when are eating your sushi)…

the new Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks set will be available in November @ US$19.90 a set.

check it out @ KotoUS.

bring toilet accessories to your phone: iPlunge Phone Stand

iPlunge Phone Stand 544px
(photo source: neatoshop.com)
fans of toilet accessories rejoice! now you can bring a piece of your toilet to your desk, in the form of iPlunge Phone Stand – err… i am not sure why would you want to do that but the cool/cute factor is definitely there. this miniaturized plunger has a suction cup that attaches to most hard, smooth surface of your mobile device, propping the device up at an angle. please don’t leave this in the toilet, cos’ this isn’t a real toilet plunger. in case you are wondering, this unique item is designed by Homade, the same guys who brought you the iTape Deck iPhone case. the iPlunge Phone Stand retails at a modest US$5.95. Continue reading “bring toilet accessories to your phone: iPlunge Phone Stand”

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet

Hard Graft 2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag 544px
(photo source: shop.hardgraft.com)
Hard Graft 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag. it’s a briefcase, shoulder bag, backpack, a courier and clutch bag, depending on how you fold it. tanned leather never look this good. this hand-made in Italy leather good is a perfect choice if you are lugging both your laptop and iPad along. aside from stowing away your laptop, there’s a enlarged zipper compartment that can fit your iPad fitted with Hard Graft’s iPad case and an internal compartment with zipper for your phone and wallet. it is called 2UNFOLD for good reasons. in unfolded form, it can be a briefcase, should bag or backpack. fold it up and it turns into a courier bag (aka messenger bag) or a clutch bag. Continue reading “Hard Graft 2UNFOLD laptop bag & iPhone 4 Phone Fold Wallet”

FaceTime Beta installation and first test

this a rather exciting feature, so i decided to do a test run on my iPhone 4 and iMac. downloaded FaceTime Beta yesterday and installed it. those whose still have yet to update your iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1, you may want to do so. i was on iOS 4.0 previously and FaceTime on Mac prompted me that ‘FaceTime on iPhone needs to be updated’. so i suggest you do so too. anyhow, download (14.1MB) and installation was very zippy. ok, i got no one to call this morning when i did the test, so i was calling myself on my iPhone. strange as it was, but hey, it was a test and i’m not digging into call quality anyway. 2 simple calls were made: from Mac to iPhone and iPhone to Mac. if you haven’t update your iPhone 4 to Mac, you won’t be able to call from your iPhone 4 to Mac either.

FaceTime Beta test - installation 544px
the standard installation process...
FaceTime Beta test - installation completes 544px
completion of installation...
FaceTime Beta test - setting up process 544px
part of the set-up process: sign up or log-in with your existing Apple ID to associate the Mac with FaceTime
FaceTime Beta test - iMac calls iPhone 544px
first call - iMac calls iPhone. ok, this was me calling myself, but it works anyhow
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone 4 calling iMac 544px
the second call was from iPhone to iMac.
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone calls iMac 544px
(left) is the call view on iPhone. (right) is the address book on iPhone. note the new 'FaceTime' button

Apple Special Event October 20, 2010 – Back to the Mac

Apple Special Event - Back to the Mac. Oct 20, 2010 544px
(photo source: apple.com)
just spent more than hour viewing the keynote on the Apple Special Event named “Back to the Mac”. a few things were announced, including the ‘sneak peek’ of the 8th major Mac OS X release, Lion. the event kicked off with intro by Jobs, with Tim Cook giving the audience a run down of the current state of the Mac. i’m sure we have heard those many times over over the couple of weeks, so i won’t go into that. besides, we are more interested in what Steve wanted us to know. yes? Continue reading “Apple Special Event October 20, 2010 – Back to the Mac”

sculptured illumination: Hulger Plumen 001

Hulger Plumen 001 - designer light bulb 544px
(photo source: plumenshop.com)
there are artists who uses light and the darkness to express their art. and then there are those who make light bulbs into art. well, in the art world, nothing is impossible. so here comes the world first designer bulb. you heard it right. it is a bulb. if you are like me who make every attempt to cover up those ugly energy saving bulbs, even if they weren’t installed, then this is the (expensive) solution. you have to tell yourself, you are buying an art – which is true – and lighting up is just a bonus it offers. frankly, i am tempted. by the way, this is a energy saving bulb, so it is capable of shaving up to 80% off your energy bills. with these good looking designer bulbs, who needs lamp shade?

visit Plumen Shop.

new old vintage of the week: 2010 Vespa GTS

Vespa GTS 250 Super 544px
(photo source: vespausa.com)
there’s just something about retro these days. the more technologically advanced we are today, the more we want a piece from yesteryear. so we redesign the vintage into a new product, throwing in the modern day livery. Vespa is a good example. of course, nothing beats a real vintage but being a real vintage could mean high maintenance, and not mention it is definitely not environmentally friendly. remember those coal-burning steam cars? those were definitely a big no-no in today’s context. Vespa has a history that dated back to 1946, and have since garnered quite a cult following. i still like the original vintage, despite being a potential target for the environmentalists. so let’s hit on the retro note, grab a Diana Mini lomo camera, an iPhone 4 with the retro iTape Deck case and hit the road on a Vespa. attire is entirely up to you. Continue reading “new old vintage of the week: 2010 Vespa GTS”

Mutewatch, yet another fix for the gesture-addicts

Mutewatch - gesturing to tell time 544px
Mutewatch | €199.00 | mutewatch.com

if you think Tokyoflash kind of way of telling time from your wrist is too much for you and sun dial isn’t going to work either, the Mutewatch is another alternative. and guess what? it is a touchscreen watch. surprise? i guess not. what else isn’t touchscreen these days? the Mutewatch has touch sensitive screen where time will appear only if you tap on the screen and wait till you hear this: using gestures such as swiping horizontally or vertically, changes the functions and set the time respectively. if swiping your iPad or smartphone isn’t enough, get this. the Mutewatch is available for pre-order @ €199. Continue reading “Mutewatch, yet another fix for the gesture-addicts”

DTV Shredder – All-Terrain stand-up vehicle

BPG-Werks DTV Shredder - Jumps 544px(photo source: bpg-werks.com)
a tough, rugged answer to Segway. this mean looking stand-up ride can zip through any terrain at a top speed of 50km/h, including snow. pretty menacing speed, considering you will be standing up. DTV stands for Dual Track Vehicle, developed by BPG Werks. Powered by 200cc four-stroke Honda engine, the DTV Shredder can hit 30 mph and climbs a 40-degree slope. not something very environmentally-friendly, though. the DTV Shredder has wide applications including military and recreational. who knows it might just spawn a new sporting category as well. judging from the official video, it looks like it can controlled remotely and also has the ability to tow. excellent for medic-evac and towing of heavy equipment. i wonder what’s the noise level like? it has got to be somewhat quiet for military operations, don’t you think so? you know? i really want one of this badly! Continue reading “DTV Shredder – All-Terrain stand-up vehicle”

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