You can be prepared for an apocalypse by stocking up canned food, batteries and whatnot, but one thing preppers may not foresee is a flash flood or fire that will consume every thing in its path.

Many things can be replaced. Even photos (thank you, Cloud services!), but some of fire’s favorite treats, like your important documents, are irreplaceable, or at least without much convenience.

This where Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag comes in.

Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag

Featuring heavy duty fire retardant fabric, double-layered silicone fiberglass materials that could stand up to temperatures over 1,100 Fahrenheit (593 Celsius) house fire, and zipper with Velcro flap closure, Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag will keep your important documents safe from fire and water damage.

It is perfectly sized for grab and go (and carry, thanks to the backpack design) in the event of a disaster and at the same time, big enough for anything from bills and passport to documents to even laptop.

Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag

So, for you preppers out there, the missing piece in your quest for being prepared for any disaster that may come your way is finally complete.

The only caveat I see here is, it is not anti-flight, so when hurricane comes, it will fly like cars and cows. But hey, at least the contents will be intact and free from damages (can’t say the same for electronics, though).

If you are interested, you will be able to find Pelethor Fireproof Document Bag on Amazon, selling for $39.98.

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Images: Pelethor.

Source: Tools and Toys.

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  1. Whether you’re a banker, a statesman, or a housewife, we’re all looking for the best fireproof document bag. We all have documents in the house that are essential and need protection; for that purpose, having a fireproof document bag is always useful. Thanks for sharing the best fireproof document bags for you to choose from.

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