PiCycle injects your cycling with a dose of electric fun

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(credit: PiMobility) PiMobility PiCycle Limited | US$4,995.00 | picycle.com

how many time when you were out cycling and you wished your ride has an electrical propulsion to relieve your aching legs? well, if money is of no concern, this $4,995 PiCycle does exactly what you wished for. the bike features a front mounted 1,250 watts brushless DC motor and the combination of human and electric power enables the bike to reach a speed of up to 30 mph. if you are feeling tired from pedaling, the bike’s electric motor is able to let you take a break for up to 20 miles. juicing up the electric motor is a 48 volts cobalt lithium-ion battery pack rated at 15.2 AH built into the aluminum monocoque body. other features include an eight-speed internal hub transmission, adjustable 30-inch wide handlebars, belt drive system. the PiCycle Limited is up for pre-order now over at PiCycle web store for a cool $4,995. if the Limited’s price tag is a little off your budget, the Sport Touring might be a less pricer alternative.
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