Though the design of the latest USB type, the USB-C (aka USB Type C), was finalized not too long ago, tech juggernaut Apple is quick to get it onboard the firm’s latest MacBook and on the peripheral business, LaCie has updated its Porsche Design line of mobile drive with the USB-C reversible connector too. The design of the drives remain the same; it is still the same pretty, you-expect-from-LaCie-and-Porsche-Design styling. Which means you will be greeted with the familiar 3mm-thick solid aluminum enclosure. The only differences are, it is now speedier, thanks to the USB 3.0 interface that pushes data at up to 100 MB/s, and most importantly, it is reversible, which means, no more flustering over plugging the connector in upside down or not.

Porsche Design Mobile Drive with USB-C by LaCie

As for the drive itself, LaCie, which is the ‘premium accessory’ arm of hard drive maker Seagate, cannot wait to emphasize that its new USB-C equipped Porsche Design Mobile Drive is a perfect match with the new MacBook and also, it is Time Machine compatible too. Too bad the drives don’t come in gold or space gray, eh? Anyways, in case you need to transfer files between the new Porsche Design Mobile Drive and other ‘older’ USB-C deprived machines, it does come with an adapter cable that will ensure the drive is still useable with standard USB 3.0 (Type A, of course) and USB 2.0 ports. As for prices, they are not announced yet, but coming from LaCie and Porsche Design, you can expect the usual hefty price tags, if not more pricey since it now has the USB-C.

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Porsche Design Mobile Drive with USB-C by LaCie

Porsche Design Mobile Drive with USB-C by LaCie

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