Wireless charger is fast becoming a norm and if your phone supports it, you can either choose to use the mundane looking, run-of-the-mill device peddled by the handful of brands out there, or you could sprinkle a bit of quirkiness to your wireless charging routine with the Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger. The Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger is exactly what it says it is. It is a Qi standard wireless charging pad that shares the likeness of a short-barrelled camera optics. Like the Lens mugs, LightPix Labs took inspiration from actual lens to create this rather refreshing, definitely fit-for-photography-enthusiasts wireless charger.

Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger

Obviously, no one in the right mind will rest their phone on top of an actual lens and so, if you happen to harbor the secret desire of doing so, the Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger would be a dream come true. I won’t judge. I promised. In addition to the unique design that breaks the monotony of a wireless charger, Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger took a step further to further theme it with a camera shutter sound effect whenever a device is left on top of the charger and charging commences. Quirky but cool. Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger works with most smartphones that uses Qi wireless charging standards and that includes the like of iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note 8 – just to name a few.

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Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger

I am genuinely surprised that with such a novel take of the wireless charger, the product’s campaign on Kickstarter has enjoyed a rather lukewarm start. Come on, folks. It will only cost you 226 Hong Kong dollars (about US$29) to secure yourself a unit and did be contributing towards the product’s realization. Skip ahead for the product video.

Power Lens Pancake ‘Lens’ Wireless Charger

Images courtesy of LightPix Labs.

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