In a scene that closely resembles one from sci-fi movies, a robot has escaped its human overlords from its testing facility in Russia and it was on the loose for a good 40 minutes before its onboard battery conked out and came to a halt in the middle of road, causing a minor traffic disruption. No one was harmed in this fiasco, though and do not be alarmed either, it is not scenario of robot revolting against us cos’ this particular robot is not as sophisticated and advanced as Sonny, and it does not have equal level of AI to enable it to harm humans either. The non-human escapee obviously does not have the dexterity to pick lock to enable the dash; its escape was made possible by an engineer who forgot to shut the gate when he made his way to the office.

Promobot V2 Escapes From Testing Facility in Russia
Where to go, where to go?

You can’t blame the robot, though. It is designed to move around autonomously and so, it is only natural that it “made the escape” when it detects no obstacle in its path. This runaway robot is actually a Promobot, which is short for “Promotional Robot,” and it is designed to handle customer relations such as in an expo where it will response to visitors queries like where’s what and even physically bring the visitors there. Promobot Labs, the company behind Promobot, highlighted the benefits of Promobot, such as it requires no compensation, monetary or whatsoever, neither will it get sick and it can work without break (and without complains).

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Clearly, the latter is not quite the case as proven by the errand Promobot as its battery went flat as it was crossing the road. It does need recharging, which means it will need a break after all. Though it could probably minimize its ‘rest’ time if induction charging or similar is implemented at where the bot is stationed. Anyways, nice try, Sonny. Better luck next time.

Promobot V2 Escapes From Testing Facility in Russia
Finally, caught up by the lab staff. Better luck next time, Sonny.

All images via Promobot Labs.

Promobot Labs via Geekologie

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