I know this is probably not going to happen since it appears that Mega (and Mattel) has secured the rights to Tesla’s brick-built toy but still it is worth the shot for fans of Tesla. What you see here is the proposed LEGO Ideas on the Tesla Center with all the works, including the sale center with a color palette wall and a technical center – complete with a pair of functional garage doors, and a very neat landscaped parking lots with a trio of Supercharger.

LEGO Ideas Tesla Center by Airbricks95

The proposed LEGO Ideas Tesla Center is complete with solar panels on the roof which is a nice touch. Rounding up the design are a few street lamps, barriers, and of course, brick-built Tesla branding on the sides of the building. I am not a super fan of Tesla but I can totally appreciate this proposed LEGO Ideas set by LEGO Ideas member Airbricks95.

As I have said, it is unlikely to this will get the nod of approval even if it hits 10,000 supporters but it is always worth the shot. But first, we have to help make it reach the next milestone which is 5,000 supporters.

LEGO Ideas Tesla Center by Airbricks95

It is really unfortunate that the LEGO Cybertruck was not shortlisted in 2020 because I thought that build would be far superior to what Mega had to offer to Tesla fans. Just saying… 

Anyways, last check, Airbricks95’s Tesla Center has 3,206 supporters so far and the set has 594 days to go to garner 5,000 supporters. But it would have to get to 5,000 way earlier in order to have balance time left (on top of the time extension which it will earn when it reaches the 5,000 mark) to get to 10,000 supporters. So, Tesla fans, you know what to do, don’t you? *wink* *wink*

LEGO Ideas Tesla Center by Airbricks95

Images: LEGO Ideas (Airbricks95).

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