Forget about superheroes. In this real world, it is the supermaterials that are shaping the world and you can be part it… as a collector of these exotic materials, that is. Instead hitting up countless laboratories and research centers around the world begging for them, the PRYZM Supermaterials Collection offers you 20 of these supermaterials embedded in one cool, display-worthy acrylic plaque. Here are the specimens you can expect from The PRYZM Supermaterials Collection:

Gold – The most malleable metal
Silver – The most conductive metal
Diamond – The world’s hardest material
Carbon Nanotubes – The world’s stiffest material
Iridium – Earth’s rarest metal
Australia Buloke – The world’s hardest wood
Zirconium – Nuclear fission containment casing
Graphene – The strongest material measured
Rhenium – The secret ingredient of the super alloy
Tardigrade Protein – The world’s toughest organism
Platinum – The least reactive metal
Tantalum – The rarest stable element in the universe
Rhodium – The most expensive stable element
Tungsten – Element with the highest boiling point
Buckminster Fullerene – The first molecule to entirely encased an atom
Wurtzite Boron Nitride – Ultra hard detonation nano crystals
Europium – Brightest phosphorescent compound
Aerogel – The world’s lightest solid

The PRYZM Supermaterials Collection

Well, what can I say? Geeky stuff never been this cool. The PRYZM Supermaterials Collection makes for a cool display that will up your geeky level. If you want one, you can pre-order one limited edition PRYZM Supermaterials Collection from Kickstarter at £218 (or about US$281). Each PRYZM Supermaterials Collection contains the aforementioned record breaking specimens, securely packed in a luxury presentation box and rounding up with an PDF specimen guide for the final geeky touch.

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The PRYZM Supermaterials Collection

The campaign funded and so, it is a pre-order that will be fulfilled sometime in April 2019. It is worthy to note that the man behind this campaign is Tristan Thompson, a person who is no stranger to Kickstarter. Since 2012, he has successfully fulfilled two other campaigns. Man, don’t we just love this kind of assurance? Go ahead and check out the campaign.

Images: Tristan Thompson.

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