Puzzle – an alarm clock that you need to spell out the time

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(image credit: bitPlay) bitPlay Puzzle | US$NA (concept) | bitplayinc.com

we have seen alarm clocks that has innovative ways to wake us from our slumberland but an alternative way of setting the alarm time is far and few between. the Puzzle is a concept from bitPlay that proposed a whole new way (or troublesome, depend on how you look at it) of setting the time for the alarm clock.
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this minimalist wooden box design features a front face that has four digits that are flushed against its face. instead of dials and knobs to set the time, the Puzzle makes user physically arrange the strokes of the digital numbers to set the alarm time. the Puzzle is void of any digital display and all the users will see is the time that they have set. an alarm icon lights up, indicating that the alarm is set correctly. when the alarm sounds, all the still-sleepy user have to do is to remove part of the digit or hit the button on the top like any other alarm clock.

novel idea but i believe it is no fun struggling to set the time piece by piece when you’re dead tired and just wanted to hit the sack as soon as you can.

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