Barcelona Rock – a hostel that rock climbers will love

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(image credit: UGO Architecture)

i do not have the fitness or interest in rock climbing but for those who have a deep passion for it, you would definitely going to dig this: a hostel that also lets you scale the rock on it. conceptualized by Polish UGO Architecture is the Barcelona Rock – a 100 meter tall structure that has a facade of natural rock mountain and concealed behind this vertical rock is a building containing fifty rooms with windows (yes, they still have windows), a swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, cinema, pub and a small rock climbing wall catering to beginners.
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needless to say, advanced and experienced climbers will have the glorious opportunity of scaling the building itself. designed to look like any other rock mountain, climbers can scale up the stone wall of the Barcelona Rock, take a break at any rock ledges available along the way or hit the summit and enjoy the glorious view of the cityscape that this structure sits within. UGO Architecture envisioned a skyscraper with natural rock facade accompanied by dashes of greenies that also provide a natural habitat to the aviary creatures. at a first glance, the Barcelona Rock does look like part of the nature if not for its location within the city.

large stone blocks as big as four meters high form the exterior facade while the breaks in between these stone blocks allow for light and air to enter the structure. these breaks also offers the occupants a panoramic view of the outside. the Barcelona Rock was conceived by UGO Architecture for the international competition, entitled “Bohemian Hostel for Backpackers”, though the towering skyscraper concept does makes it look more like a hotel instead.

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