LEGO wants you to have a MBA in LEGO Building

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(image credit: LEGO) LEGO Master Builder Academy Kits | US$29.90 |

try very hard but still can’t get a MBA? why not go the easy, leisurely way with LEGO’s MBA, also known as the Master Builder Academy. while this MBA won’t guarantee you with a 7-figure remuneration package job but it will give the foundation you need to build your very own custom LEGO models. touted as “a multi-year, multi-level experience”, the LEGO MBA guides members in learning the unique skills of LEGO building through a structured journey of lessons and interactive inspirations and rewards.
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perhaps LEGO Company can’t bear to see LEGO owners thrashing a beautiful LEGO? well, actually that’s not the case. the LEGO MBA is meant to introduce aspiring LEGO builders to the world of LEGO Building outside of the box, introducing builders to advanced LEGO building and learn about the logic and mechanics behind each steps such as sideway building, interlocking and stability and among the many others. ultimately, the program aims to give builders the knowledge to create their very own custom LEGO.

‘students’ begin with the Space Designer kit and moves through microbuild, robot, flight, creature and auto designer build kits while the in-home and online program guide the them with tips and techniques through various levels of difficulty. what i see is a program for any aspiring LEGO enthusiasts regardless of age and after which, you can proclaim yourself to be a LEGO designer and hopefully, get the attention of LEGO Company that will pay for what you love to do. hopefully.

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LEGO Master Builder Academy via Uncrate

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