Comic superheroes/supervillains with superpowers are fictional. We all know that (right? right?), but with a little help from ingeniously designed gadgets, you might be able to turn yourself into one and the Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder is one such device. While soaring the sky and magically appearing in some war-torn Southwest Asia countries is probably still under development, the Pyro Fireshooter will turn you into Marvel’s flame thrower-equipped supervillain, Pyro, well, almost. You have an advantage over Pyro though; your flame spitting gadget is sleeker and is wrist-worn, which can concealed under your jacket or shirt’s sleeve.

Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder

But it does come with a few caveats: it only has four shots before it needs reloading and it can only get as far as 10 feet, and obviously, you still can’t manipulate fire at will like Pyro. However, this is as close as you can get to being a superhero/supervillain. In the real world, we call it magic and so, for $174 (provided you are 18 years of age), you will be getting a handy tool to kick start your career in magic. As for the rest of the tricks, well, it is up to you to innovate and invent. Shooting of the fireballs are triggered by a remote that works at up to a distance of 30 feet, which means you don’t really need to wear it and could use it as an atmosphere enhancer for your magical entrance. Just make sure you don’t aim at the audience or at anyone or at anything.

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Note: This is not a toy.

Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder

Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder

Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder

Pyro Fireshooter by Adam Wilder

Ellusionist via Design Taxi

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