According to Back to the Future II, we should be in the future and beyond now. While there are no flying cars yet, at least we have hubless two-wheelers. I mean, hubless means the future, right?

Reevo Hubless Electric Bicycle Indiegogo

Whether or not it is (the future), it does not matter because, the Reevo Hubless Electric Bicycle is here. Or almost here. And it looks absolutely dashing.

Obviously, hubless two-wheelers are not new. We have seen the world’s first commercially available example in 2016 and DIY-ed example as far back as 2011. But that’s not the point.

Reevo Hubless Electric Bicycle Indiegogo

The point is, you want a sleek, performing bike that looks the part of ‘future’, you have got one more option (not that there are many).

Built around a “strong, lightweight core,” the Reevo Hubless E-Bike promised to offer assisted riding up to 37 miles (60 km), speed up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

Depending on which market it is destined for, you will get either 250 W or 750 W motor hubless motor. The latter features throttle as well as pedal assist while the former is limited to pedal assist.

Speaking of pedal assist, there’s an adaptive pedal assist model that provides assistance based on the gradient of the incline.

Reevo Hubless Electric Bicycle Indiegogo

Other highlights include removable battery, maintenance-free drivetrain, ergonomic saddle, internal cable routing, “invisible” stand, autonomous LED headlights, Integrated turn signals/brake alert lights, GPS tracking, motion detector that alerts you via phone call if someone tries to move the bike, and biometric keyless access that, when activated, deploys a strong wheel lock automatically.

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You can learn more about this gorgeous ride over at Indiegogo where you can secure a unit for US$1,999 or more in the pre-sale campaign. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in March 2021.

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