Rinser Toothbrush

Rinser Toothbrush
Rinser Toothbrush | US$22.00 | www.amronexperimental.com

typically, when we brush our teeth we use a cup to hold the water for rinsing our mouths or for lazy ones, we simply bent over with our head in the sink and under the faucet to get some water for rinsing – both which are not really convenient methods if you really think about it. such a seemingly minute matter indeed and yet for the longest time, nobody has reinvent how we should really rinse our mouth, until now. the Rinser Toothbrush features a built-in scoop that directs the water to a tiny hole on the top of the toothbrush body, thereby creating a fountain for rinsing your mouth. brilliant. it even has a button to control the fountain while the GreenStep Snap Replacement Heads let you replace just the worn bristle section without ever have to change toothbrush. we can’t help but to think aloud “why didn’t we think of that!” you can get yours for a special pre-order price of $22 each with expected delivery to be from November 2012. check out a short video of the Rinser Toothbrush in action after the break.

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