Rinspeed is no stranger when it comes to outrageous concept cars and so, we are not entirely surprised by another, which will be gracing the prestigious motor show in its home turf next month. based on Tesla Model S, the Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept, as it is called, is a today-looking car that is tech-packed with the intention to showcase the future of autonomous driving and what one might do with this new found time while traveling in the car. we doubt autonomous driving will be here in near future, but regardless, the XchangE presents an interesting proposition that tickles our imagination with chock-full of technologies, or should we say, future tech?

on the exterior, it is pretty much the Model S you have seen with some cosmetic tweaks, but the main event is what lies within the cabin where it has, wait for this… ‘steer-by-wire’ system which allows the steering wheel to be slide out of the way, to the center of the dashboard, thereby allowing the occupants to stretch out and enjoy what the onboard Harman infotainment concept has to offer. it has airline-style seats with multitude of adjustments where you rest in while you are being preoccupied with the four displays, including one 1.2-meter display strip on the dash and a 32-inch 4K monitor at the rear, of the concept infortainment system.

basically, the whole idea of the Rinspeed XchangE Autonomous Concept is this: imagine what you could do inside the car if it drives itself. actually, you don’t quite need this car to start imagining what you could do when you don’t have to drive; just take public transport and you will know what you will do, or at least i know what i will do: sleep. nah. just kidding. if that ride i were to be in is so comfy i might fall asleep, but with a full entertainment system rigged into it, i doubt i will be stepping into la-la land anytime soon.

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for those heading to the Geneva Motor Show, you will be able to catch this future-car in person, but for the rest who aren’t, we invite you to check out a few more views of this concept ride, or hit up Rinspeed to learn more about the XchangE.

source: Rinspeed
via Jalopnik

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