I use an OralB electric toothbrush that came with a brush cover and I am glad it did because, I am wary of creepy crawlies that may be all over it when it is not in use. Also, I was informed (by some experiments) that fecal matter, invisible to the naked eyes, may get into toothbrushes that share the same space as the toilet. It happens when one flushes the toilet without keeping the lid close. Apparently, vapors containing fecal matter get airborne, spreading as far as 9 feet. Holy shit. They are not serious that we have been shoving shit into our mouths, are they?

Rouse Toothbrush And Case

Anyways, to prevent such shit from happening, you can have separate rooms for the toilet and where you brush and store your toothbrush. Obviously, not everyone has the luxury of space to pull this off. Though I know that some older architecture does have this feature. However, there is an easier solution: Rouse Toothbrush and Case. This toothbrush and case does two things: first, it is anti-bacterial – thanks the presence of charcoal, and they are ridiculously good looking.

Rouse Toothbrush And Case

The case is ventilated and composed of aluminum and natural wood, and the toothbrush itself is of bamboo and charcoal (for the brush). The case comes in a choice of Walnut and White Oak, and further boast embedded magnet that keeps the lid shut when it is supposed to. The lid can attach to the bottom of the case when it is removed, to eliminate the odds of you misplacing the lid. The design is gorgeous. While the case looks pretty straight, it actually has quite a bit of hidden curves in it. Very classy. Rouse Toothbrush and Case is lightweight, waterproof and rust resistant too. And there is absolutely no plastic involved and thus, making this toothbrush set totally eco-friendly.

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Rouse Toothbrush And Case

With a toothbrush and case this good looking and sustainable, I am surprise it is not getting its due attention on Kickstarter. Speaking of which, you can help Rouse Toothbrush and Case to inch towards it funding goal by pledging for a product. Prices start at 4,540 yen (about 41 bucks). If it gets funded in the next ten days or so, you’d be seeing this awesome toothbrush and case combo as soon as December 2018. Continue reading to catch the product pitch video.

Rouse Toothbrush And Case

Rouse Toothbrush And Case

Images courtesy of Team Rouse.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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