Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Impact Crusher

This is not a gadget, neither is it a lifestyle-related stuff, but damn, just look this thing. ain’t it a beauty? Pardon me for my uncontrollable excitement over this. Apart from gadgets and lifestyle stuff, I also dig industrial machinery, like a lot, and the Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Compact Crusher is one of those rigs that makes my eyes sparkle.

Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Impact Crusher

In case you don’t know what a mobile compact crusher is, it is a construction equipment designed to to crush construction and demolition waste, including stuff like asphalt, concrete and whatnot. If you have imagined a crusher to be a monstrous-size machine and think this looks kind of small for such a job, well, you are not entirely wrong.

However, at 35 tons it may appear to be a heft to layman, it is actually quite a small rig compared to the rest of its peers. That being said, despite being “just” 35 tons, it is still capable of outputting up to 350 tons of crushed construction and demolition waste per hour. It is said that the Rubble Master RM 120GO! is the most compact impact crusher there is today.

Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Impact Crusher

There is nothing overly high-tech about this machinery though, I still can’t help but to imagine it being part of movies like Elysium (British Columbia, 2013), or the live action version of Ghost In A Shell (Paramount Pictures, 2017). An impact crusher itself is somewhat considered as an eco machine because, not only it breaks down construction waste to manageable bits and transportable, but the smaller debris can be recycled for other construction projects.

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This “green” task is further enhanced by its diesel-electric drive that drives the crusher. Moreover, optimized crusher geometry ensures a high efficiency in crushing, thus resulting in a healthy crush-to-power ratio. There is no cockpit here because, the drive and crush functions are both operated remotely. OK. So maybe this is quite high tech-ish, after all.

Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Impact Crusher is a collaborative design by in-house designer Heinz Jank and Karl Norbert Grasberger of Austria-based industrial design studio Freiform. Now, seriously, we need a scale, die-cast collectible of this thing!

Images: Rubble Master.