When it comes to mobile devices, I am not that sort who goes gaga over leaked information, but for Samsung and Android eager beavers, you may be interested to know that the rumor of Samsung’s next flagships, the S7 and S7 Edge, will be waterproofed could be in fact true as proven by a teaser video posted by Samsung Indonesia. To be fair, the video probably wasn’t mean to be seen by us, as it was listed as a ’private’ video, but it got out anyways. Details are scarce though, or rather, there aren’t any to be begin with.

The video, which you can find below (Indonesian language, of course), stars Indonesia female compound archer Dellie Threesyadinda ‘leveraging’ on Samsung S7 Edge in her training routine. Indonesia’s Olympic athlete, Lilies Handayani who won the first ever Olympic medal (1988, Seoul Olympic) for Indonesia also cameo in the video, using the S7, of course. Lilies is actually Dellie’s mum, btw. I guess archery runs deep in the family, eh? But that’s not the point. The point is, the video is proof that the S7 Edge is indeed waterproof. As for the rest of the details, we would have wait to till February 21st to find out.

YouTube via Engadget

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