Samsung launches 75-inch Premium Smart TV in Korea

Samsung D9500 Smart TV 544x408px
(credit: Samsung via Akihabara News)

do we really need such as big TV? apparently, Samsung think so. it has launched a humongous 75-inch Premium Smart TV (model : D9500) in Korea. beside having the honor of being the top-ranging product among its Smart TV lineup, the D9500 is also the world’s biggest 3D screen. this 75-inch display features a 240Hz LED backlit screen with Black Diamond Panel, Smart Hub, 3D Hyperial Engine, supports Samsung Remote Application and Samsung Smart TV Contents. it also comes package with a QWERTY Smart TV Remote that looks suspiciously like an old school scientific calculator.
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seriously, i doubt the world has a need for such a huge TV. no indicative price was put forward yet but you can be sure that the price tag will not be for the faint hearted which is another reason why we probably won’t be needing such a huge TV unless you have too much cash to spare and you want to build a mini-home theater to terrorize your neighbors. i just can’t get over how big the TV is. just check out how the gorgeous model measures up to the D9500. simply awe-inspiring.

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Samsung D9500 Smart TV 800x600px Samsung D9500 Smart TV 800x600px Samsung D9500 Smart TV 800x600px

via Akihabara News

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