We are not at I, Robot age yet, but we are getting close – thanks to Samsung Next Generation Robotics. Samsung have presented two concept robots: Samsung Bot Care and Samsung Bot Handy.

Samsung Next Generation Robotics Bot Handy

Bot Care is a limb-less robot that rolls around the home and reminding user of thing using voice – just as a robot should. It is a like your phone, which itself is very capable in reminding us of important dates, but this one will recognize a user’s behavior so it can be a better robotic assistant.

It can remind you of an important video conference or call, and proceed to bring out a screen – and extend it to you, if necessary.

Samsung Next Generation Robotics Bot Care

Bot Handy, on the other hand, is a one-arm robot. It looks nothing like Sonny, but it can serve as an extra hand (literally) in the home. With AI, it is able to discern between ceramic and glassware.

It will be able to do the dishes – using the dishwasher, of course. It can also tidy up the house, put away grocery, set the table and basically, anything that you need an extra hand.

Already, I imagine Bot Handy would be one day be able to clear the dustbin of the JetBot 90+ AI Robot Vacuum for you too. If it could that, then housekeeping would be (almost) truly robotic.

Image credit: Samsung.

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