Here’s A Provocative Pool Float For Those Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Their Love For Man’s Manhood

We have a seen quite a handful of pool floats, but the Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float here takes the cake when it comes to provocativeness. The name Golden Boy isn’t immediately obvious, but it is, as you can see in the images, a pool float shape in the likeness of man’s manhood. It […]

Xiaomi Takes On DJI With A Pair Of New Imaging Drones

Xiaomi is no stranger to imaging drones, or should I say, no stranger to imaging drones with a striking resemblance to the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, DJI, with the specs too boot and at a manageable price point The China’s “provision of gadgets” latest imaging drones are no different. The duo, namely FIMI A3 […]

Indonesian Lady Reviewing Soaps By Tasting Them Is Absolutely Bizarre!

I don’t know if the world is getting weirder by the day, or it has been this weird since the beginning of time and we are only slowly realizing because of the Internet and social media. Speaking of weird world, here’s one absolutely bizarre news. If you think eating is Tide Pod is crazy, wait […]

This Star Trek TOS 1:6 Scale Captain’s Chair Lets Your Captain Kirk Action Figure Takes The Conn

Lets face it. Not every Star Trek fans, AKA Trekkies, can afford to drop $5,500 for a replica Star Trek The Original Series Captain’s Chair and going the inflatable route is far less authentic and satisfying because, inflatable. Even if you are willing to part with the princely sum or willing to compromise, those two […]

LEGO Built An Actual Coffee Shop With LEGO Bricks In London

Earlier today, London was abuzz with The LEGO Movie 2 promotion with the aid of an unlikely structure: a pop-up coffee shop that was made from real LEGO elements. The pop-up cafe called The Coffee Chain, which was inspired by the cafe in the movie, will be be at London’s Observation Point in South Bank […]

A Cafe In Vietnam Lets Your Feet Mingle With Fishes While Enjoy Your Cuppa

Cafe for pet lovers are not new. There’s the cat cafe, dog cafe and even cafe dedicated to goats and snakes, but fishes? Well, that is unheard of until now. Meet Amix Coffee, the world’s first and only cafe where you have fishes accompanying in while you sip on your favorite cup of joe. And […]

Disneyland’s Infinity Gauntlet Sipper Is Back While Stocks Last!

You wouldn’t have know this if you aren’t a mega fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. Back when after Avengers: Infinity Wars hit the theaters, Disneyland released an Infinity Gauntlet Sipper at its parks and it was, not surprisingly, an instant sell out. Like, who doesn’t want to be the most powerful being (or […]

Here’s How To Create The Perfect Parties For Tech Lovers

If you’re organizing a special party for a friend or family member who is getting married or has a birthday coming up, you want to make it as enjoyable as possible for them and all the guests. That can be something of a challenge if you have a group of people with different interests and […]

Meet Michigan’s Amish Version Of Uber Ride Sharing Service

You know Lyft and Uber? They are a common sight these days, but in addition to the two prominent ride sharing services that operate mainly in big cities, Michigan has another unique form of ride sharing service and it is one that involves a horse and a buggy (or carriage, as some would have called […]

Artist Creates Clay Macarons With Disturbingly Realistic Faces Of Babies

From cake with poppable pimples to shag rugs-lookalike cake to non-edible pot pie with anthropomorphic faces, the world is certainly not lacking of bizarre and sometimes disturbing food, fake or real. Well, it looks like it is not going to stop. It seems like more are being uncovered every now and then, and here’s another […]