Second-generation Hope-Lotus Track Bicycle

What you see here is the first look at the second-generation Hope-Lotus track bike that was unveiled last Friday. And yes, that’s the Lotus, the British sports car maker. Lotus Engineering has worked with the Great Britain Cycling Team (GBCT), Hope Technology, and Renishaw to improve on the Tokyo 2020 track bike that the track team used to win seven Olympic medals.

Second-generation Hope-Lotus Track Bicycle
Credit: GBCT.

The second-generation Hope-Lotus track bike has been meticulously designed and optimized to deliver improved track performance at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. It features revised front forks, and handlebars, and the HBT Paris Frame developed by Hope Technology that touts refinements to the headstock and seat stays.

It is astonishing how much effort was put in to achieve the perfect aerodynamic that would eventually be disrupted by the rider. Well, that’s what a layman like me thought. This pedal-powered super bicycle is the epitome of bicycle engineering. It boasts fighter jets inspired serrated edge on the fork that creates smoother airflow around the rider.

Moreover, the fork uses the same high-grade carbon fiber and manufacturing process as the Lotus Evija hypercar. The racing bicycle has also seen rigorous track testing and wait for it, wind tunnel testing. The Second-generation Hope-Lotus Track Bicycle will make its competitive track debut next month at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Images: Lotus Engineering/GBCT.