already researching for the best case for your upcoming Samsung GALAXY S4? if leather is your kind of thing, then perhaps the Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 might tickles your fancy. instead of the usual plastic offering, Sena Cases has out four Nappa leather items that should have most folks’ need covered. the four models – Magia Wallet, UltraSlim, Lusio and Corsa – features custom hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design. for those looking to replace their wallet, there’s the Magia Wallet to go with. the Magia is of a billfold design that offers three slots for your credit cards, a multipurpose pocket, while still giving you full access to all buttons and ports. a magnetic strap closure system and Magia Tape adhesive keeps your prized device securely in place.

as for those who prefer not to add bulk to their handsets, the UltraSlim is the case of choice. the UltraSlim is essentially a sleeve with an soft velvet interior lining, giving your handset the necessary protection while in transit in a super slim form factor and it is available in seven attractive colors. the Corsa follows the same concept as the UltraSlim, but with a few interesting extras such as a stitched race inspired vertical accent stripe, a two-tone colorway, perforated leather, and a convenient pull strap for easy removal of your S4 from the sleeve. finally, there is the Lusio, also a sleeve type case featuring a prominent hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design, solve velvet interior lining, and a trio of slots ideal for your credit cards.

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the Sena Cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 are available for pre-order now with special pre-order stickers of $49.95 for the Magia Wallet, $24.99 for the UltraSlim, $39.95 for the Corsa, and $45.99 for the Lusio. expect shipment to be on the later part of May.

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