Toei Company has just dropped the new teaser trailer Shin Kamen Rider a few days ago, along with confirmed dates of release. That’s right, it’s “dates”. There is going to be a preview on March 17, 2023 (Friday, Japan time) at 18:00 hours at select theaters in Japan followed by a nationwide release the next, on March 18.

Shin Kamen Rider New Official Teaser Trailer

As for the new teaser trailer, there is nothing you have not seen. OK, maybe there is a couple of news stuff like the front view of one of the main villains (Bat Man?) and a glimpse of the motorcycle transforming. Yes. Transforming! There is also a scene showing the Shocker gang lead but a villain which I cannot identify facing off the hero in his undisguised state.

Beyond those, I believe the new teaser is identical to the first. Anyways, you can have a look at the new teaser trailer yourself below.

Images: Shin Kamen Rider [JP].

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