the last thing any camping enthusiasts or explorers want in a camp trip is to be weighted down by the all-important tent. it may not be an option in the past, but now, with Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent, camping light seems to be a possibility after all. looking like a tent that secret government agencies would put up to conceal their non-earthy findings, the Mojo UFO is made of space-age Cuben Fiber (hence, the look) that Sierra Designs described as “insanely light and virtually indestructible.” so how light is it anyway, you asked? it weighs in at a nearly virtually weightless 1 lbs and 11 oz, and together with the Easton Carbon poles, the Mojo UFO is capable of standing up to any beatings – well, that’s provided you grounded it down probably.

being light and durable are just part of the story. the tent also features quick and easy setup and tear down, integrated rainfly to keep the inner nice and dry even when setting up in the rain, improved ventilation over traditional tents, hanging pockets, hybrid designs with double/single wall, and more. the features, benefits and all are obvious, but those things don’t come cheap: the Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent command a cool $1,799.95 price tag. before you go on and buy, perhaps you would like to learn a little bit more about this Ultralight Tent in the embedded video below.

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Sierra Designs via Uncrate

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