When it comes to Scandinavian furniture, hardly will you associate it with technology, much less ‘smart’, but here it is, a piece of Scandinavian furniture that might just be the world’s first truly smart table. What makes the Smartables from Blue Blood Design Studio unique is, it bears all the hallmark of a Scandinavian furniture: handcrafted, solid oak wood, angled legs, and smooth round edges. Together they offers a la 70s retro vibe and yet, it feels uber modern and to some extend, futuristic. And futuristic it may very be because, beneath the classy, elegant Scandinavian look is a bunch of tech that blends seamlessly into any gadget-loving modern homo sapien’s lifestyle.

Smartables Multimedia Table by Blue Blood Design Studio

For starter, it has a 3-coil wireless Qi charger that charges wireless Qi-compatible devices, fast, and if your device does not support wireless charging, there are USB ports that will see to recharging of USB-powered devices via the good’ol way. And then there is a 10W Bluetooth audio system built into it with speakers beautifully integrated into the sides of the table. Smartables is also a desk lamp by itself too. The LED light sits flushed with the table top giving it the table a super clean look and the LED light is pretty up there in the tech department too – thanks to the touch sensor. Simply touch on the surface next to the lamp and voila! Light on. And holding it allows you to dim it. Sweet.

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Smartables Multimedia Table by Blue Blood Design Studio

As a piece of furniture, it gets the love from hands of skilled craftsmen at Blue Blood Design Studio own workshop and it is totally water- and scratch resistant, and the table top is detachable to serve as a serving tray or coffee table for on-bed use. Dope. When not deployed, the ‘tray’ is secured to the Smartables with strong, neodymium magnets. And last but not the least, it has a small hidden compact on one of the legs for stashing your small valuables, such as flash drive, jewellery, cash or whatever fits and you don’t want others to know about.

The European design studio has taken Smartables to Kickstarter where it is seeking a modest fund of €5,000 to take the table to production. If you are up for it, you may want to consider plonking down €399-499 (about 635-795) for one. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign gets funded (and it probably will), you can expect to usher this high-tech table into home sometime in March 2018.

Smartables Multimedia Table by Blue Blood Design Studio

Smartables Multimedia Table by Blue Blood Design Studio

Smartables Multimedia Table by Blue Blood Design Studio

Images courtesy of Blue Blood Design Studio.

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