when we think about action camera, we think about aerodynamically-contradicting and yet hugely popular makes like GoPro. designs like GoPro is effective, but it also pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb. while the SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera is not aerodynamically-sleek, it does offer a lower profile than most action cam in the market and it comes standard with built-in WiFi that allows you to transfer photos and footages to your mobile devices right there and then. this in turn means you can readily share them on your preferred social media sites and hence, the name SOCAM, which basically stands for “social camera”.

the device has an integrated standard camera mount thread at the side for use with standard camera mount, or with the included quick-connect clip for affixing the action cam to curved and flat surfaces and even on goggles. but it doesn’t really matter how you mount it, cos’ the 330-degree rotatable f/2.4 lens ensures you will get the portrait or landscape orientation you desire all the time. it is capable of Full HD video recording at 30 fps, as well as slow motion videoing at 120 fps, albeit at WVGA resolution, and in a choice of MP4 or MOV format. still imaging is pegged at 16MP tops and it also supports burst mode at 10 fps and time-lapse photography.

other features include microSDHC card for storage (not included; supports up to 32GB), gyro-assisted image stabilizer, and large, simple control buttons with LED indicators located at around the back of the camera. the camera comes standard with a splash proof case that goes beyond protection. while it is waterproof to 1 meter or 3.3 feet, the case is also home to extra batteries, a GPS module, or an IMU for measuring velocity, orientation and gravitational forces. the SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera is available through Conrad web store for for $269.

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Socam UltiMate Action Camera

Socam UltiMate Action Camera

SOCAM via Ubergizmo via CNET

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