If you are one of the rare few who still has the original Apple-1 computer from 1976 and need a fitting display case for it, then you may want to take some inspiration from Love Hulten.

Custom Made Display Case for Apple 1 from 1976

The Swedish artist has created APLE, a custom made display case for Apple 1 from 1976 and as you can see, it is gorgeous. Not only the case offers a proper “home” for the originally “home-less” components, but it also make the computer actually looked like a computer.

Little is known about this awesome creation. Hulten did not say much. However, based on what we see, there’s an integrated keyboard and a raised monitor housing, a slide-out drawer covered with transparent cover that opens to reveal the holy grail, the heart of the system, the Apple-1 mainboard.

Custom Made Display Case for Apple 1 from 1976

And in the most Hulten’s retro sci-fi fashion, the case gets a transparent dome piece that allows you to peek into the system without pulling the drawer – complete with lights. Lovely.

No words if Love will be putting this up for sale, or how much will it cost if he ever does put it for sale.

However, Hulten does accept commission pieces and so, if you are really keen, you may get in touch with him and go over the details.

Images: Love Hulten.

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