it would still be a long while before digital display gets integrated into our kitchen countertops to allow us to check out online recipes while cooking. for now, a tablet would be sufficed for the job, but not just any tablet since the device will most definitely be subjected to a host of kitchen-specific elements while you are cooking up a storm, so to speak. Sony has just announced a tablet, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition, that will be as right at home in the kitchen as it would anywhere else. it is basically the Xperia Tablet Z “naturalized” as a kitchen accessory. this white 32GB Android tablet features both hardware and software tailored for specifically for cooking.

first and foremost, it is built to take the toughest kitchen environment, thanks to the durable glass, carbon fiber-reinforced back panel, and of course, a water-resistant design so that grimes and spills can be easily washed away under running water or even submerging the device in fresh water of up to 3 feet and up to 30 minutes. obviously, for that to happen, you will have to ensure all ports and covers are firmly closed. priced at $649.99, the Kitchen Edition is a wee pricer than its regular counterpart, but it does includes $115 worth of accessories, content and recipes, including a useful meat thermometer, iGrill Pro. also include is a foldable stand to prop up the tablet like a book to facilitate easy viewing.

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