lifestyle. the norm for such energy booster today are coffee and energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull, but i will be honest with you about those beverages: it doesn’t work on me. i suspect i am seriously “immune” to caffeine. i often joke that it would require “direct injections” of the stimulant drug into my body in order for it to have any effect on me. of course, i can’t actually do that… until now. well, sort of. the Sprayable Energy you see here is touted as the world’s first caffeine based topical energy spray and as the product name suggests, it is the energy booster in the form of spray. using patent-pending technology, scientists/researchers managed to get the active ingredient caffeine, which is otherwise not quite soluble in water, become soluble enough for it to permeate human skins.

we are no chemists here, so we shall spare ourselves the agony of trying to decipher the hows and whys of this magical formula. all we know is the result is this colorless, odorless liquid spray that you use just like you would with perfumes. the benefit is obvious; you will no longer have to force yourself to ingest more coffee, or worst, down those cocktail of energy drinks just to stay alert, which also means no introduction of unnecessary calories in the process, and not to mention eliminating the need for your body to be exposed to unknown chemicals that might comes with energy drinks. you can secure a Sprayable Energy through the product’s INDIEGOGO campaign page for just $15. if you need more, there are few other reward levels which may meet your needs. so go ahead and check it out.

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