believe it or not, some of us here still carries with us a notebook when we head out. yes. as strange as it may sound, it is hard to beat pen and paper when comes to jotting down notes, doodling and the likes, and it is also the best way to give away your numbers to the hot girl you met at your favorite watering hole (or the way round if you are all hunk and handsome). as such, being style-conscious and all, we expect the notebook to look as good as our modern gadgets. speaking of which, nothing beats a real-deal leather cover notebook, you know, leather kind of speaks of class and says a lot about the man holding it. the Monsieur Notebooks are just the notebook that offers real leather for its cover, and not just any leather, each notebook is clad in one single piece of top grain hide that is not only handsome, but also strong and soften with age, thereby offering flexibility and at the same time, adds a unique character to the notebook.

these London-based folks know what they are in for as they continue to grow internationally; they’d be going head-to-head with the unofficial king of notebooks, Moleskine. not that Moleskine isn’t any good, but Monsieur Notebooks provides an alternative for those who love a touch of class. features include lay flat technology for easy writing or doodling, acid-free and fountain pen-friendly papers, personalization service in the form of laser engrave or deboss, and the obligatory elastic band and ribbon. Monsieur Notebooks is not exactly new in the market. in fact, they are growing and need some funds to help in the expansion. you can help Monsieur Notebooks and at the same time score yourself one of these classy notebooks by backing their INDIEGOGO campaign. prices start from just 20 bucks. learn more about Monsieur Notebooks in the embedded video below.

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Monsieur Notebooks - The Real Leather Notebook

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