What constitutes to a brilliant invention? Well, that’s debatable, but our book says that if an invention addresses two or more issues, and specifically targeted at the long, cold winter that’s too-cold-to-go-to-work, then it is a brilliant invention. Looking our own ‘requisites’, it seems that the Square Kotatsu Gino Table qualifies as a brilliant invention. From the product name, its appeal may not be immediately apparent, but allow me to explain. Square Kotatsu Gino Table is in fact a heated comforter with, wait for this… an integrated table!

If that doesn’t get your attention, then give yourself a pad on the back, you are not a lazy person who will find excuses not to go to work due to cold weather but for the rest whose eyes brighten by the key words “heated comforter with an integrated table,” then you are not bad yourself because you have found the one thing that’s missing from your life. The Kotatsu comprises of a 2-piece tabletop attached right smack in the middle of a reversible comforter, AKA thick-ass blanket, along with a slim panel heater under the table.

Square Kotatsu Gino Table and Blanket Hybrid

How this weird contraption can be best utilized takes little to no imagination. But if you need one suggestion, here it is: bury yourself under the cosy, warm comforter and have someone to serve up your breakfast. Consume your delicious breakfast without ever leaving the comforting blanket and when you are done, you may continue to do (a) sleep because it is a freaking cold winter, or (b) work. But lets not kid ourselves, with a warm, thick blanket, are you seriously going to work? Regardless, it is wise to call the office and indicate you wish to work from home. While whether you actually ‘work’, it is entirely up to you. Don’t quote us, though.

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But here’s the thing: this neat, lazy-person invention does not come cheap. Expect it to run you back at a healthy 437 dollars, but I am sure the cold winter days and your body’s desire to nice and cosy will convince you that you need one, badly.

Source and images via Dude

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