Infographic: The Cost Of Building A Real-World Millennium Falcon

So, Imperial sympathizers know how much it takes to built and operate an AT-AT necessary for their galaxy domination and you, as a Rebel Alliance supporter, or should I say, mercenary, will need to know how much it is to built and fly a Millennium Falcon that will make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs. Obviously, to built and fly a Millennium Falcon is far from cheap but unlike AT-AT or the Death Star, at least it has no known obvious weaknesses and it is totally practical with pluses like the ability to carry loads of cargo while going at speeds and it even has hidden compartments to help evade enemy searches in the event you managed to get yourself into that situation.

Anyways, again, someone has taken the gargantuan task of breaking down just exactly how much it will cost to built and run a Corellian YT-1300F Light Freighter, and like previous endeavor by Best Casino, this infographic did not pull those numbers from thin air; they were also derived based on Earthly references. So, it should be pretty close to what you’d be paying and not surprisingly, the final number turns out to be, well, astronomical (hint: it will take unimaginable number of Powerball wins). However, if you are undaunted by the mind-crushing amount, then we would like to wish you all the best in finding intergalactic banks that will support your endeavor.

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Look on the bright side though; you will have a higher chance of securing the loans because at least the Millennium Falcon is more survivable than say, for example, an AT-AT, or even a Death Star. Alternatively, you could save yourself a bunch by getting into a game of sabacc with Lando which should bagged you a free cargo spaceship if you win and thus, freeing up your money to cover the modification job, staffing, hangar, insurance, fuel and docking fees – just to name a few. Sounds like there’s still a lot to pay but hey, it is still a considerable saving, isn’t it?

How Much Would It Cost To Build & Fly The Millennium Falcon – An infographic by the team at