DIY gadget enables iPad 2 to do full HD 1080p over Airplay

Wireless mirroring with an iPad 2 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from ‘Wireless Mirroring with an iPad 2’ video)

when Eric Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer was tasked to make their client’s iPad 2 Keynote presentation smoother without being tethered to a VGA cable, this was the result: a full HD 1080p video mirroring by using a wireless HDMI transmitter and a USB battery pack. check out the demo run of their contraption in action in the video after the jump. the duo fabricated the housing themselves and most of the parts are off the shelf components. which is a good news, cos’ it means that you can build one yourself too. Eric and Kelly will be sharing their instruction once they have their gadget finalized. i wonder if it will work with the original iPad? cos’ i want to build one myself as i won’t be switching to the iPad 2 anytime soon.

via Gizmodo / 9to5Mac / MacRumors Forums

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