Star Wars Andor Official Trailer and Premiere Date

In one of our posts last week on the new LEGO Star Wars set, we told you that the new Star Wars series, Andor, will start streaming on Disney+ on August 31, 2021. Well, that has changed.

Star Wars Andor Official Trailer and Premiere Date

Yesterday, an official trailer was dropped for Star Wars: Andor, along with the news that the premiere of the series has been pushed back. Instead, it will debut with a three-episode premiere on September 21, says in the description of the trailer posted on YouTube. Not sure why the delay, though.

If you are anal about spoilers, you should avoid the trailer at all costs (and stop reading this article at this very instance). The nearly 2 and half minutes official trailer posted on Star Wars’ official YouTube channel has a lot to take in.

Star Wars Andor Official Trailer and Premiere Date

For those who don’t already know, Star Wars: Andor recounts the events five years before Rogue One. So, yup, it is a prequel of a prequel. I guess it is better to create back stories than to make up new stories that feel like a bit of stretch. Like, you know, Rey Skywalker?

Anyhoo, from the title, you know the spotlight is on Cassian Andor, a role that Diego Luna is reprising. Keep going for the said trailer.

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Images: YouTube (Star Wars).