Star Wars Playing Cards by Theory11

Have you ever wondered what Stormtroopers do when they go on a break from walking aimlessly around the Moon-size Death Star? My bet is that they probably do what folks on planet Earth do: play cards – that’s on the assumption that smartphone does not exist in this high-tech, advanced civilization.

Star Wars Playing Cards by Theory11
Above and top: The Gold Foil Special Edition.

Assuming that do play cards, they are probably using these: Star Wars Playing Cards by Theory11. Though Darth Vader may not be thrilled that his minions are playing with cards featuring the Rebel Alliance. Each deck is presented in an embossed and foil-stamped box.

Star Wars: Light Side and Dark Side Playing Cards

The Light Side deck features Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, R2-D2, and fighters from the Rebel fleet and boasts an outer packaging in vibrant blue foil, mixed with clear, reflective foil that mimics the cockpit window of the Millennium Falcon. On the inside, you find custom court cards – all 12 of them, featuring iconic light side characters, including Rey, Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and more.

As for the cards, the Light side has. blue back design that captures the essence of the light side with symbols like R2-D2, Rebel Alliance, and more, alongside a repeating pattern of X-wing fighters supports two lightsabers on each side edge.

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Meanwhile, the Dark Side features the window of the Imperial Throne Room, with symbols of the Galactic Empire and First Order on each corner, and the 12 court cards feature key dark side characters like Palpatine, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, and more.

Star Wars Playing Cards by Theory11
The Silver Edition.

The Darkside’s cards have a red back design which, like the Lightside’s, captures the essence that represents the Darkside, including illustrated images of the Death Star, and the First Order insignia, for example, before rounding up with a repeating pattern of TIE fighters supports Darth Vader’s lightsaber on either side.

The cards are made in the USA, printed on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates. 

The Star Wars playing cards are also available in Silver Special Edition. There is also a new Gold Foil Special Edition coming soon. You can buy the regular Blue and Red deck and the Silver Special Edition for US$19.99 for a set of 2.

The Star Wars Gold Foil Special Edition can be pre-ordered now for US$16.95 per deck. In case anyone’s interested, there is The Mandalorian Playing Cards too. In addition to Star Wars, there are also the Avengers Playinger Cards and Harry Potter Playing Cards too.

Images: Theory11.