The Hacksmith is relentless when it comes to making Lightsaber. The guys have done it again, this time James said it is his best Lightsaber yet. So what has improved? Well, it now runs hotter (4,500° versus 4,000° of the previous iteration). It is also smaller, closer to the movie’s hilt size and finally, it has a much, much smaller power pack.

Strontium Plasma Lightsaber by The Hacksmith

The last iteration has a backpack. The new one hangs off the waist which is super neat. But I am not sure if I am seeing right. The new one spews out the shorter flame but it is still capable when it comes to burning through stuff. We all know Lightsaber is not scientifically possible. American theoretical physicist Michio Kaku already proven it, in theory, years ago.

While technology has advanced a lot over the last decade, it is still not physically possible to make a light solid and also hot enough to cut through almost any material. That’s not to mention making the light stop at the desired length. And then there’s the issue of the power source which is a tremendous amount of energy.

Strontium Plasma Lightsaber by The Hacksmith

Perhaps in a couple of centuries, it would be a reality. Until then, The Hacksmith is Star Wars fans’ only hope for a lightsaber.  At least it looks the part. Personally, I would very much prefer the last version (also known as the fourth generation The Hacksmith Lightsaber).

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I mean, it needs the power so and there is no way of miniaturizing it to fit the hilt, so why not just put it out there? Plus, the backpack goes well with the steampunk-ish Lightsaber anyways.

Images: YouTube (The Hacksmith).

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