Subaru may be a late entrant to the hybrid business, but it is determined to make its first hybrid, the XV Hybrid SUV the first and the best. we may not be engineers or mechanics by profession, but something tells us that to incorporate an hybrid drivetrain into Subie’s signature Symmetrical AWD is no child’s play, especially when it is vehicle that’s for everyday use and for everyday people. which means, the budget to deal with the complexity is not limitless and the end result has to be within reach of most average folks. three trims are offered: the Hybrid 2.0i, Hybrid 2.0i-L, and Hybrid 2.0i-L EyeSight – all powered by the same 148hp (110 kW) 2.0-liter boxer 4 petrol unit (with 196 Nm of torque) that has been partially modified for hybrid duty, along with a three-phase AC synchronous motor offering 10 kW and 65 Nm of torque. the hybrid system result in a fuel economy of 20 km per liter, which works out to be 47 mpg.

the transmission is by the way of a Lineartronic (CVT) and a special AWD hybrid system that’s design to distribute the torque to all four wheels even in low speed electric drive mode. with the high voltage battery and other electric circuitry going under the cargo space, Subaru claims that overall weight distribution and center of gravity are the same as the regular gasoline model. some other highlights include Eco-Cruise Control function, EyeSight driving assist system (on EyeSight model), flat out cargo floor, a more rigid body for improved ride quality, noise reduction and sportier handling, a newly developed friction damper control, a quick steering ratio, enhanced noise insulation, brake regeneration, and a multi-function display that provide information of the hybrid system’s energy flow in accordance to the driving condition. for this new model, Subaru also introduces a new funky color, the “Plasma Green Pearl” to better reflect its eco-friendly character.

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the Subaru XV Hybrid SUV officially rolls into Japan dealerships today with a starting price of 2.5 million Yen (or about US$25,410).

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