Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that has reached international stardom. While it is loved by many, not everyone knows that a so-called good sushi not only requires fresh ingredients, but it also demands magical-like knife work and the right amount of strength when rolling up the package. But what the hell? We are in the 2019, aren’t we? Tradition or not, it don’t matters. What matters is, it taste awesome and you have fun while consuming it. Agree? Good.

Now, if you are a food explorer and one who has no qualm in trying the bold and new, then you may want to check out Sushi Sushi, a sushi restaurant in New York City. What makes Sushi Sushi different from the horde of Sushi restaurants is the shop’s non-traditional spin on classic childhood favorites like PB +J roll, Banana Nutella roll, Pumpkin Mango Tempura roll, and Twinkies Tempura. And then there’s even bolder stuff, like the first Avocado Tempura sushi roll and Hand Roll, drizzled with, wait for this… Vegan Eel Sauce. Damn, I am hungry already and I have just eaten.

The menu (click to view larger version)

Speaking of bolder… Sushi Sushi is set to roll out exclusive new Signature Roll, The Kyoto Roll, which packs avocado tempura, cucumbers inside, topped with avocado, jalapeño and vegan eel sauce. Those (i.e. Kyoto Roll and Avocado Tempura sushi roll and Hand Roll) rolls will be offered in limited quantity and only from May 1st too May 31st, 2019. And oh, they are big on sauces too – sauces that aren’t quite you may have known, like Signature Spicy Mayo, Honey Wasabi Mayo (!), Mango Miso Sauce – just to name a few.

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Sushi Sushi is no doubt an avant-garde sushi restaurant that may give traditionalists a culture shock. There are some traditional items too, but lets not pretend that we are there for those. Prices sound reasonable too. It ranges anything from $4-11 for appetizers to $30 for special combos. You can find Sushi Sushi at West Village and in Harlem.

All images courtesy of Sushi Sushi.

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