ICON4x4’s New Ford Bronco Is A True Old School Delight

Love the classic Ford Bronco, but wish it could be more updated while not losing its old school charm? If so, we think the ICON4x4 Old School BR will have all your check boxes ticked. Once again the Californian builder has weaved its magic on a Ford Bronco, but less all the heavy stuff in […]

Suzuki Goes Back To Its Roots With A New, Boxy Jimny

Off-roading is not exactly Japanese automakers’ strongest suit, but that does not stop them from turning out some pretty decent off-roaders. In fact, folks like Suzuki managed to develop off-roaders that weren’t fuel guzzlers like Jeep and Land Rover does while still having the oomph for off-road duties. Speaking of which, one of Suzuki’s most […]

Nissan Armada “Mountain Patrol” Looks Better Than It Was On Visuals

The overland SUV Nissan Truck asked fans help to “design” is finally ready. Nissan officially took the wrap off the final vehicle on Wednesday at Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.A. ahead of its grand debut at the Overland Expo WEST this weekend. If you haven’t already heard, this SUV is unique in that some of its modifications […]

Rolls-Royce Cullinan Beckons You To Luxe Outside Of Urban Areas

When I saw the press release of Rolls-Royce much anticipated off-road capable luxury vehicle, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, I was taken aback. It was over 4,800 words long and as I continue to read it, it felt like I was scrolling through the mythical infinite scroll. And you know what this means. This means, the British luxury […]

Nissan Wants You To Help To Design An Adventure-ready Nissan Armada

Nissan US is determined to imprint the impression of its off-road vehicle’s capability. It all started with the Nissan TITAN-based Project Basecamp, which we regrettably failed to report, and now we heard, a project Armada “Mountain Patrol” is underway. The Nissan Armada “Mountain Patrol” Project is a family adventure-ready SUV slated to debut next mouth […]

Peugeot Unveils A Radically New Sedan And An Adventure-seeking Van-like SUV

I think I may not be able to write much because, I may be too excited. Now, the thing is, I am not usually thrilled by Peugeot automobiles, but here we have are two rides that managed to tickle my fancy somewhat. The first is an all-new, and may we say, radical, sedan designated Peugeot […]

Land Rover Set To Restored The 70-Year-Old Original 4×4 Prototype

Jaguar Land Rover group has an interesting project planned for 2018. The company has found one of the three original pre-production prototypes 4×4 that made their debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. The vehicle was apparently bought by someone in the 60s and when it was found, it was in such a dilapidated […]

Barn Find 1974 Land Rover 109 Beautifully Restored By Lucra Cars

No self-respecting, true-blue Land Rover enthusiast with the financial muscle to flex should miss this beautifully restored 1974 Land Rover 109 Santana Especial from the garage of sport car maker, Lucra Cars. Originally, a barn find in Spain, this left-hand drive granddaddy of SUV is corrosion-free with no damage and by the virtue of it […]

Meet The World’s First Super Sport Utility Vehicle, The Lamborghini Urus

In what was arguably the biggest news today, luxury sport car maker Lamborghini has officially make its return to SUV market with the much anticipated Urus. That’s right. The Urus has broke cover today at Sant’Agata Bolognese. When it did so, it completely rewrite the SUV rule book and proudly stake claim as the world’s […]

Rezvani TANK Is A Military-style, Off-Road Capable SUV For $178,000

Not everyone has the means to buy a real tank. Even if you can afford one non-commissioned example, you can’t drive it to anywhere else. But you sure buy this TANK which you can drive it anywhere there is solid ground. And no, we did not post the wrong image; that thing there IS A […]