Wake Up & Smell The Bacon iPhone Alarm Clock

if you are an enormous fan of bacons to a point that you will be awaken by the even the faintest delicious smell of bacon, then you are in luck, cos’ Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up & Smell The Bacon iPhone Device is the alarm clock designed with you in mind.

Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock

these days, we are at the verge of information overload. there are simply too many things to know and need to know, and those information usually comes in the form of apps. the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock aims to soft that woes, but letting you get a hold of those information, information such as traffic condition, weather, stocks, number of email piling up

Philips Wake-up Light

apparently, hitting the snooze button is bad for you and it is in fact, according to Philips, more than just a sleep disruptor and by snoozing, we, the snooze lovers, are actually encouraging other undesirable habits that detract us from a smooth morning routine. really? i wasn’t aware that a simple snooze would have such a profound effect.

Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android

when it comes to alarm clock in Android devices, most people are quite content with the software running the business. however, you know how not fail safe it is, such as accidentally swiping ‘disarm’ instead of snooze or volume is barely audible enough to tickle your dream. this is where the Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android comes in.

Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio

whatever models that Tivoli turns out, they have one thing in common and that’s simplicity, and it has the timeless aesthetic to pronounce that it is so. the Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio you see here is no exception. you may think have seen this model until you noticed the plus (‘+’) in its model name, which is an indication that this is one that’s equipped with

iwaku Smart Wake-up Light

picture this: you in a deep sleep and someone, such as your spouse or mum or whoever, comes barging in and pull open the curtains, rays of light enough to make any vampire cringed pours in, after which they proceed to shake you up. not a good feeling, we bet. abrupt waking is basically a bad hair day in the making, which is

Yamaha TSX-B232 Desktop Audio System

still fervent about Apple’s 30-pin dock connector? well, Yamaha has just the right stuff for you. announced recently, the Yamaha TSX-B232 Desktop Audio System is one new kid on the block that still offers a 30-pin dock connector and pushes out a good 30W of audio goodness via its dual 8 cm fill-range drivers. of course…

Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio

gone were the days where audiophiles are sentenced to their confine of their living room. thanks to the advancement in various technologies, including advanced Bluetooth technology, audiophile can now enjoy their favorite tunes when they are out and about. the latest to join this vast market of portable audiophile-grade gadgets is Logitech UE’s new line of…

Nerf Shoot to Snooze Alarm

getting ourselves to part with a cozy bed in the morning ranks as one of the most dreadful thing in life but thankfully, there are a myriad of ways of knocking ourselves out of our dreamland. among them, ‘shoot to snooze’ alarm ranks among one of the most ancient novel way of doing it but looking at the upcoming Nerf Shoot to Snooze Alarm…

Eton FRX3 Emergency Radio

think about this: are you prepared for emergencies of any kind? we are guessing, most of us would probably take our comfort for granted without giving much thought to emergency situations that range from power outages to other natural disasters. even if you reside in an area that is free from the wrath of Mother Nature doesn’t mean…